Parents of slain college student speak out on ride-sharing safety

first_imgABC News(NEW YORK) — The parents of a University of South Carolina student who mistook her alleged killer’s car for an Uber spoke out Monday to recommend changes in the ride-sharing industry so no one else will have to endure the grief they are experiencing. “We’ve heard from strangers all over the country and so many people have told us it could have been our daughter, our son, ourselves,” Marci Josephson, whose daughter, Samantha, was killed last month, told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.“I think it’s just become such a natural or new phenomenon using Uber. We trust people and you can’t. You have to change the way that the laws are to make it safer because that’s our nature. We automatically assume that we’re safe,” she continued.Samantha’s father, Seymour, added, “We grow up teaching our kids not to get into cars with strangers. And what do we do? We get into cars with strangers.” Samantha Josephson, a senior political science major, was out with friends in the Five Points neighborhood of Columbia, South Carolina when she ordered an Uber to take her home in the early hours of March 29. Security video showed her getting into a car around 2 a.m., which police believe she thought was her Uber.Police said after she got into the car, her alleged killer activated the child safety door locks, preventing her from escaping.Samantha’s body was found in a wooded area near where suspected killer, Nathaniel Rowland, recently lived, police said, and the student’s cellphone and blood were found in Rowland’s car. Rowland was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping. He is awaiting a bail hearing on April 22. “We just want you to know that she is a fabulous young woman,” Marci Josephson said of her daughter. “Kind, a best friend to everyone, really determined, hard worker and a fun young woman.” Seymour Josephson said he called her “sweet pea.”“I called both of my children sweet pea. They are just, both of my kids, are phenomenal. They’re our best friends,” he said. During a vigil for Samantha earlier this month, Seymour Josephson launched a quest to make sure other students are made aware of the potential dangers of ride-sharing.South Carolina lawmakers introduced the “Samantha L. Josephson Ridesharing Safety Act,” which would require ride-sharing vehicles to have an illuminated, company-provided sign with the company’s “trademark or logo that is patently visible so as to be seen in darkness.”While Seymour Josephson said the proposed law is a “great start,” he wants to see more, including requiring ride-sharing operators to have license plates on the front of their cars. South Carolina is one of 19 states that don’t require license plates on the front of cars.“When the car is pulling up, you can’t see the front license plate,” the father said. He also wants ride-sharing companies to place bar codes on the passenger and driver’s side of vehicles. “You put your phone up to it and if turns green, that’s my ride. If it’s not your ride, it turns red,” he said. “The technology is already out there. It’s a very easy way to implement safety for the consumer as well as the driver.”Marci Seymour said everyone who takes a ride-sharing vehicle should get into the habit of asking the driver if they know the name of the person they are picking up before getting into the car. “It has to be automatic, like putting on a seat-belt,” she said. “You have to ask, ‘What’s my name?’ because it can be anyone.”Samantha Josephson was expected to graduate from the University of South Carolina this spring and was planning to go to law school at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Her parents plan to be at their daughter’s graduation, where her diploma will be presented posthumously. “It will be the hardest thing for us to go, but we want to go,” the mother said. “She wanted us to be there.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more


first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsIn the biggest handball derby worldwide, SG Flensburg didn’t let any chance to the eternal rival THW Kiel to took points – 34:30 (21:14). From the very beginning of this clash was clear who is the boss in front of 6300 loud home fans. Ljubomir Vranjes’ team was on the expected home level with the strong defense and outstandind Andersson between the posts, who had 21 saves! Home team had the highest +8 during the second half (26:18), but in the finish “Zebras” managed to make second defeat more acceptable…SG Flensburg-Handewitt – THW Kiel 34:30 (21:14)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (21/1 saves), Rasmussen () – Karlsson, Nenadic (2), Eggert (9/3), Glandorf (2), Mogensen (6), Svan (6), Weinhold (5), Gottfridsson, Radivojevic, Knudsen (4)THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (5 saves), Palicka (3 saves) – Toft Hansen (1), Sigurdsson (3), Sprenger, Wiencek (1), Ekberg (1), Palmarsson (4), Zeitz (1), Jicha (9/1), Vujin (10/4)RESULTS: 0:1 (1.), 2:1 (3.), 2:3 (5.), 4:4 (8.), 5:6 (12.), 9:6 (15.), 10:8 (17.), 13:8 (19.), 14:11 (21.), 17:11 (24.), 18:13 (26.), 20:13 (27.) – 22:14 (31.), 22:16 (33.), 24:17 (38.), 26:18 (40.), 27:19 (43.), 27:21 (44.), 29:22 (47.), 30:24 (51.), 31:26 (55.), 33:27 (57.), 33:29 (58.)STANDINGS: 4.Rhein-Neckar Löwen21:7+77 Related Items:dkb bundesliga, SG Flensburg, THW Kiel 1.SG Flensburg-Handewitt25:5+42 8.Bergischer HC15:15+8 5.HSV Handball20:6+34 6.MT Melsungen19:11+22 3.Füchse Berlin24:6+73 7.TSV Hannover-Burgdorf16:12-7 10.TuS N-Lübbecke14:16-9 Click to comment Recommended for you 11.TBV Lemgo12:16-18 15.TSV GWD Minden8:22-40 13.FRISCH AUF! Göppingen11:19+3 9.SC Magdeburg15:15+2 16.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten7:23-48 2.THW Kiel24:4+68 18.TV Emsdetten4:26-110 Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 12.HSG Wetzlar12:18-5 17.ThSV Eisenach7:23-61 Harald Reinkind to stay at THW Kiel SG Flensburg beat THW Kiel in German derby 14.VfL Gummersbach10:20-31 THW Kiel with +5 from Szeged ShareTweetShareShareEmaillast_img read more

UK workers log the longest hours

first_imgEurostat says UK nationals have the longest average working week at 43.6 hours, while Belgians on average work five hours less per week, at 38.5 hours. The EU average is 40.3 hours.The figures are included in the Community labour force survey, published this week, which evaluates employment trends in Europe.According to the report, 158.4 million people had full and part-time jobs in the EU in spring 2000, up by 2.9 million over last year. This represents an employment rate of 63.1%. The Stockholm summit in March set an overall employment target of 67% for 2005, with a specific target of 57% for women. Seven member states have achieved this goal – Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.Apart from Denmark and Austria, where employment rates were virtually unchanged, employment went up in every EU nation between 1998 and 2000.However, Italy, Spain and Greece still lag a long way behind with overall employment rates of 53.4%, 54.7% and 55% respectively.Across Europe, women hold around one job in three overall, but close to eight out of every ten part-time jobs.last_img read more

French Socialists look for best possible loser

first_img François Hollande blinks on labor bill after protests By Nicholas Vinocur Montebourg, for his part, recently came out of self-imposed exile in the business world by urging the French political system to “Uberize” — and immediately described himself as an adept of “disruption” in politics as well as in business. As for being a candidate, he said, “I’m not there, I can’t answer this question.” Associates doubt he will resist the temptation to run if Hollande bows out.The numbers don’t look goodFor all Socialist candidates, sobriety should be the order of the day. A recent poll by Sciences Po’s Center for Political Research (Cevipof) shows that Socialist voters have a poor opinion of their leaders’ capacity to make it to the second round next year. Thirty-three percent of them think Valls has the best chance of beating the conservative candidate and face Marine Le Pen in the second round, compared to 21 percent for Aubry, 16 percent for Macron and only 4 percent for Montebourg. Just 19 percent of Socialists think Hollande is the candidate most likely to make a second round — a record-low for a sitting president.Identity is what’s left when you have failed to curb unemployment” — Madani CheurfaThe same poll showed that if the election were held today, Hollande would come in third place in the first round, with 16 percent of the vote, even against his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy (21 percent), who would then go on to face Le Pen (27 percent) in the run-off.The choice of the Socialist candidate will determine the tone of the campaign, as there are wide differences between their priorities. Montebourg would campaign on the end of austerity. Macron, in the unlikely event he ran, would focus on the need to address the root causes of unemployment and France’s torn social fabric. Valls has already said he thinks the upcoming campaign should be on the theme of French “identity” and the fight against terrorism and fundamentalist Islam. Also On POLITICO “ ‘Identity’ is what’s left when you have failed to curb unemployment,” notes Madani Cheurfa, a political scientist and general secretary of Cevipof, which organized the survey.Once they have a candidate, the Socialists can be expected to be as divided on his platform as they are on their current president’s policies. Hollande’s official line is that he will seek a new term only if French unemployment has declined over a significant period of time. It is now at 10.2 percent, above the 8.9 percent EU average, and has been stable for four months even though jobless numbers have declined in most major European economies. If the weak global recovery becomes even weaker, Hollande will lose all hope of meeting his own conditions for running again.That explains why rival Socialist leaders are hard at work preparing for a post-Hollande scenario. Calls to hold a primary to choose the party’s candidate even if Hollande runs again, launched by a petition of some leftist leaders and intellectuals in January, have petered out. It now looks all but certain that a primary will be organized only if Hollande doesn’t seek reelection.Socialist free-for-allThen the fun begins, because a primary would have to be run in record time, and organized in a way that would not lay bare the divisions of the Socialist camp after five years of Hollande. That is, to put it mildly, rather unlikely. “If [Hollande] doesn’t run, we’re talking Gunfight at the OK Corral,” said a senior Socialist party figure who asked not to be identified.Would-be candidates are holding their fire as long as they’re not sure about the president’s intentions. So far only marginal candidates have indicated they would run, while another potential serious one, Lille mayor and Hollande critic Martine Aubry, said she is not interested this time. She lost the primary to Hollande in 2012.The most serious contenders are Valls and Montebourg, assuming that current Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, who just launched a pro-reform political “movement,” decides to sit one out in 2017 — a likely scenario. In the current political setup, Macron can’t run against his mentor Hollande, won’t run in a Socialist primary that he is unlikely to win anyway, and won’t take the risk of running against the official party candidate and guaranteeing the Socialists’ defeat.Valls has paradoxically staked out his own position as a contender by lauding Hollande as the best possible candidate for 2017. His insistence that “there is no alternative on the left” to Hollande’s candidacy seemed mostly geared to express the view that no one would be “legitimate” enough to defend the current policies. Subliminal message: If the man doesn’t run, then I’d be the next best choice. Long goodbye of the European Left By Pierre Briançon center_img François Hollande drops plan to change constitution By Pierre Briançon PARIS — François Hollande’s term in office came to a premature end this spring, and even the leaders of his party seem to have noticed. All eyes are now on the 2017 presidential election.While the political outlook could change in the next year, the Socialists may already be simply looking for the best possible loser: Polls so far don’t leave them much hope of making it to the second round of that contest, due in May next year.The French president’s failure to pass two major reforms on which he had staked his political future — a package of constitutional changes and a long-expected reform of the labor law  — and his abysmal popularity ratings have triggered an early start to the race. His potential successors are circling. If Hollande doesn’t run, or if he loses, the Socialist Party will need someone to repair the damage. Whoever carries the Socialist torch next year — whether current Prime Minister Manuel Valls, former economy minister and anti-austerity campaigner Arnaud Montebourg, or some other candidate — faces an uphill struggle.“Hollande’s term is basically finished. His twin failure means the end of action, so there will be no serious initiative from the presidency until the election,” said a political adviser to several government ministers.To be fair, the labor market overhaul isn’t officially dead yet. Trade union opposition to a reform that initially appeared radical by French standards pushed the government to revise it a first time — albeit on minor points. High school students keep demonstrating against the bill, and Valls said he would “look at” their demands. Even if he stands firm, however, and sees the bill through parliament, the reform is unlikely to be considered as a significant achievement by voters. Its impact will be felt only well after the election. What will be remembered is that the clumsy way the government managed the whole enterprise made it look amateurish.Rival Socialist leaders are hard at work preparing for a post-Hollande scenario.Hollande earlier this month also put an end to the debate over a series of constitutional changes, including a provision that would strip convicted terrorists of French nationality, acknowledging that he had failed to rally enough votes, either from Socialists or the opposition conservatives.Through all of this, Hollande has kept his close associates guessing. “When he launched the labor market reform I thought he had decided not to run in 2017,” the government adviser said. “That maybe he wanted to go down as the man who reformed France, even at the price of being a one-term president. Now, I’m not so sure.”last_img read more

Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into alleged voter fraud

first_imgBut while Trump has been steadfast in his belief that millions voted illegally last November, there is no evidence to support his claim. In a statement released Tuesday, the National Association of Secretaries of State said “we are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by President Trump, but we are open to learning more about the administration’s concerns.”At his Tuesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that “the president does believe” that millions of people voted illegally in the last election and that “he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence people have presented to him.” The only evidence Spicer was able to provide backing Trump’s position was a Pew study whose author has said his work does not support the president’s claim.“We found millions of out of date registration records due to people moving or dying, but found no evidence that voter fraud resulted,” David Becker, the Pew study’s author, wrote on Twitter in late November.Despite Trump’s belief that millions of people voted illegally in last year’s election, Spicer said the president is “very comfortable with his win.” The press secretary left the door open to the type of investigation that Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday morning, telling reporters that “maybe we will” investigate the president’s claims of voter fraud.“We’ll see where we go from here,” Spicer said. Also On POLITICO Trump expected to issue orders on border wall, refugee ban Wednesday By Alex Isenstadt and Burgess Everett As Trump retreats on trade, China moves in By Hans von der Burchard and Simon Marks EU’s Malmström: Trump’s trade policy ‘doomed to fail’ By Hans von der Burchard President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will call for a “major investigation” into voter fraud, which he believes led to millions of illegally cast ballots in last year’s presidential election despite no evidence to support that conclusion.“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!” Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning, breaking his message up into multiple posts.The president’s promise to investigate voter fraud comes two days after he told Congressional leaders during a White House meeting that between three and five million people had voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election, a claim he has also made previously.last_img read more

Tyler, the Creator Takes to Twitter to Slam YouTube Music Awards

first_imgYouTube will host the first YouTube Music Awards on Sunday, November 3, where the live-streaming event honors artists and songs you’ve heard over the past year.  The video service promised it would be a “new kind of awards show.”  Considering YouTube mostly consists of videos created by the public, the list of nominees included more award show regulars then expected: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Justin Bieber and One Direction.After the list of nominees was revealed, Tyler, the Creator, a performer at the upcoming award show, had a few choice words to say about it.  In a tweet early this morning (October 23), the rapper wrote, “YOUTUBE AWARDS COULDVE FUCKING HAD NOMINATIONS ON COOL CREATIVE VIDEOS SHIT BUT NOOOO AGAIN ITS THE MOST TEENY BOPPER POP SHIT. YOU ARE BUTT.”He adds, “WHY NOT GIVE AWARDS TO JUST DIRECTORS, THESE FUCKING WEAK ASS ARTIST DONT COME UP WITH THESE SHOTS OR SIT IN COLORING FUCK THEM THEY SUCK.”Although his tweets are hilarious and dead on, there are better ways, and better comebacks.Los Angeles artist, Flying Lotus, also took to Twitter to express his criticisms about the YouTube Music Award nominations.  “Seems like the YouTube music awards are pretty much the same as the VMAs. I don’t really see the point.”Flying Lotus goes on, “If it’s all about hits sure I get it but let’s be fair. YouTube award nominations clearly don’t care about cutting edge/innovation.”He continues, “They had an opportunity to shine a light on all the artists that they helped to gain notoriety just to shit on them for uber famous acts.” His last tweet reads, “No disrespect to the nominees yadda yadda.”Tyler, the Creator, along with Eminem, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Avicii, M.I.A., and Earl Sweatshirt are all set to perform at the YouTube Music Awards held at New York City’s Pier 36.–Lindsey Winepol[Via]last_img read more

Center for European Studies names fall fellows

first_imgThe Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) has recently announced the arrival of its 2007 fall fellows. The center is dedicated to fostering the study of European history, politics, and society at Harvard. Its visiting scholars play an active role in the intellectual life of the center and the University. While at Harvard, the scholars will conduct research, advise students, and give public talks.The fellows who will join the center this fall follow:Thilo Bodenstein, Freie Universität Berlin, is researching determinants of policy convergence and divergence in the European Union and the United States.Tobias Brinkmann, University of Southampton, is working on a re-evaluation of the history of the Jewish mass migration from Eastern Europe between 1860 and 1950.Daniela Caruso, Boston University, is currently researching the redistributive effects of legal integration.Jon Erik Dølvik, Fafo Institute for Labor and Social Research, is researching the implications of European Union enlargement for labor migration and labor relations, especially in the Nordic/Baltic Sea area.Alexander Geppert, Freie Universität Berlin, is developing a new project on outer space and extraterrestrial life in the European imagination of the 20th century.Wolfgang Gick, Dartmouth College, will focus on political expertise, special interest politics, and voting rules under strategic disclosure.Renée Haferkamp, European Commission, organizes the CES speaker series “Challenges to the 21st Century: European and American Perspectives.”Barbara Haskel, McGill University, is exploring the integration of higher education in Europe with the Bologna Process.Dariusz Jemielniak, Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, is currently working on a project that examines knowledge work in legal and software environments.Claudia Leeb, the New School for Social Research, is working on a book manuscript titled “Rethinking Justice with Marx, Adorno and Lacan.”Katiana Orluc, postdoctoral fellow. Orluc’s current project examines the pan-European movement in the 1920s and ’30s.Ute Planert, Universität Tübingen, is currently working on a comparative history of eugenics.Martin Spiewak, Die Zeit, is a journalist whose research interests include education and politics of science.Matthias Tischer, postdoctoral fellow. Tischer’s current main fields of research are music in the former German Democratic Republic, music under the circumstances of the Cold War, and oral history.Peter Vermeersch, Leuven University, is working on a project that examines connections between democratization and nationalist mobilization in Poland.Klaus Wilhelm West, German Trade Union Congress/DGB-Bundesvorstand, is researching the politics of innovation in France and Germany.Kathrina Zippel, Northeastern University, is currently researching and examining the internationalization of academia.José Pedro Zúquete, postdoctoral fellow. Zúquete is currently working on a book project titled “The Struggle for the World?” The project examines anti-globalization movements.last_img read more

Full weekend schedule for Martinsville

first_imgThe Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series take on the first short track of the year in a doubleheader at Martinsville Speedway. The NASCAR Xfinity Series is off. Check out the tentative full schedule below, subject to change.Note: All times are ETMonday, March 2611 a.m.: Conclusion of NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Alpha Energy Solutions 250 (250 laps, 131.5 miles), FS1 (Results)Approx. 2 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series STP 500 (500 laps, 263 miles), FS1 (Canada: TSN 1); (Results)Pre-race schedule10:58:00 a.m.: Trucks restart engines11:00:00 a.m.: Trucks roll off pit road to resume Alpha Energy Solutions 25012:00:00 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver/crew chief meeting1:20:00 p.m.: Monster Energy Series Driver Introductions1:48:00 p.m.: Presentation of Colors by: Martinsville-Henry County Combined Law Enforcement Color Guard1:48:20 p.m.: Invocation by: Martinsville Speedway Track Chaplin, Mike Hatfield1:49:00 p.m.: National Anthem by: Ted Alt, Virginia Tech Department of Music1:50:30 p.m.: Flyover:  2 – F18 Hornets, VFA Tact 37 Ragin’ Bulls from Naval Air Station Oceana  (Turn 4 to Turn 1)1:55:30 p.m.: “Drivers, Start Your Engines” by: Executive Chairman of Spectrum Brands, parent company of STP; David Maura And his Daughter Emily2:01:00 p.m.: Start of the STP 500 (500 Laps, 263 Miles) Press Pass (Watch live)Approx. 1 p.m.: Post-Camping World Truck Series race5:45 p.m.: Post-Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series raceSunday, March 252:07 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series STP 500 (500 laps, 263 miles), FS1 (Canada: TSN 3); (POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY at 2 P.M. ET)Following STP 500 (approx. 7 p.m.): NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Alpha Energy Solutions 250 (250 laps, 131.5 miles), FS1 (POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY AT 11 A.M. ET)Saturday, March 2410:05-10:55 a.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series first practice, FS1 (Canada: TSN GO); (Results)11 a.m.: Camping World Truck Series qualifying, FS1 (Results)12:30-1:20 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice, FS1 (Canada: TSN GO); (Results)2 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Alpha Energy Solutions 250 (250 laps, 131.5 miles), FS1 (POSTPONED UNTIL SUNDAY)5:10 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Busch Pole Award qualifying, FS1 (Canada: TSN GO); (CANCELED, Lineup)Press Pass (Watch live)9 a.m.: Chase Elliott9:15 a.m.: Jimmie Johnson11:15 a.m.: Darrell Wallace Jr.11:30 a.m.: Brad KeselowskiNoon: Denny HamlinFriday, March 2311:05 -11:55 a.m.: Camping World Truck Series first practice (Results)1:05-1:55 p.m.: Camping World Truck Series second practice, FS1 (Results)3:05-3:55 p.m.:Camping World Truck Series final practice, FS1 (Results)Press Pass (Watch live)10:15 a.m.: Harrison Burton, Todd Gilliland, Noah Gragson10:30 a.m.: Kyle Benjamin, Timothy Peters, Ben Rhodeslast_img read more

Tree Of Life Benefit Announces 2019 Lineup: Grahame Lesh, Ryan Dempsey, Karina Rykman, More

first_imgThe annual Tree of Life Benefit concert is set to take place at Irvington, NY’s Irvington Town Hall Theater on Friday, September 27th.The benefit recently revealed their 2019 musical lineup featuring Elliott Peck, Grahame Lesh, Alex Koford, Tash Neal, Jesse Bardwell, Nathan Graham, Hayley Jane, Ryan Dempsey, Karina Rykman, Joe Cirotti, Alex Jordan, Chris Crosby, and more.The Tree of Life Fund was created to support the students at Ferncliff Manor, a 501c3 educational and residential facility in Yonkers, NY, that serves children and young adults with profound developmental disabilities. Established in 2014, the Tree of Life Fund began as an annual live music event which raised critical funds for the continued needs of Ferncliff’s students, residential facility and programs.Supported today by five years of epic events performed by dedicated artists, the fund has grown to a point where it is now designated to building a musical and performance event venue which will exist to support housing and employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in Westchester County.VIP tickets include early doors starting at 6 p.m., food, beer & wine (21+), a pre-show with The Tree of Life Band, plus 3 sets with the benefit’s incredible line-up of musicians, followed by a jam session!General admission and VIP tickets for Tree of Life Benefit’s 2019 event are now on sale here.last_img read more

Island Province in China Bans All Disposable Plastics – And Rallies to Ramp Up Biodegradable Substitutes

first_imgThe ban plan was announced in February, when the Chinese government decided that Hainan, the smallest province in the country, would be the site of a new “national ecological civilization pilot zone,” and that the success or failure of the plastic ban would inform future policies across the countryAs part of the pilot program, Hainan has been cultivating industrial-scale production methods of biodegradable plastic as part of the plan to supply the entire province with hundreds of thousands of tons of biodegradable plastics, of which at least 40,000 tons of bags, films, and tableware are already available for purchase.RELATED: Reductions in Air Pollution in China Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Lives Since 1990According to one Chinese newspaper, local shopkeepers and residents understand that costs of doing business will go up due to the need to buy the more expensive reusable or biodegradable products, but that over time the benefit to nature and the environment will pay off.This was not always the case in China, and the doctrine of “man must conquer nature” was quite popular in previous decades under sterner party rule.MORE: Scientists Turn Plastic Waste Into Valuable Commodities, to Create a Bigger Market for Waste MaterialsBy 2025 China expects to effectively control plastic pollution entering the ocean, entering landfills, and littering the beaches. As part of its five-year plan, it also hopes to establish a complete plastics management system, and employ biodegradable plastics or plastic substitutes across the country.SHARE This Positive Trend in Plastics With Pals on Social Media…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreWhile once-pristine beaches around the tropics are becoming infamous for their plastic litter, the Chinese island province of Hainan is putting a new plan in place to keep its beaches clean.Cities like Sanya and Haikou are ground zero for an ambitious new plastic pollution control plan that began in August when single-use plastic items were banned from sale in the area.Plastic polymer food containers, forks, drink cups, knives, straws, plastic bags, packaging bags, and other items that are not biodegradable are no longer allowed to be sold at major establishments like supermarkets, hospitals, government and state-owned buildings like schools, and tourist attractions.last_img read more