Role reversal in

first_img6 May 2 2003The title of the latest SA movie to hit the screen, Hijack Stories, conjures up images of another predictably negative township story about criminals hijacking cars in the absence of anything else to do in Soweto. But there’s a lot more to the film.Indeed, there are scary moments in this local film about a budding young actor from a wealthy suburb of Rosebank (played by Tony Kgoroge) who desperately needs to land a lead role in a movie about a Soweto gangster. In order to play the role, however, he must of necessity experience the ways of real criminals. This takes him back to his roots, Soweto, in search of his true identity.At the risk of letting slip of the plot, there is a fascinating change of fortune in the movie when the criminal becomes an actor, and the actor becomes the criminal. But I will tell the story only thus far.Hijack Stories is directed by Oliver Schmitz, his second movie after the hit Mapantsula, in which he also explores criminal life. In Hijack Stories, Schmitz attains the almost-impossible – making the criminal look good. There will be few in the audience who do not like Zama by the end of the movie.Rapulana Seiphemo skilfully plays the role of Zama, whose cruel gaze is enough to scare the whole township. Surprisingly, however, Zama does not kill even a fly, at least not directly. And therein lies the strength of the film: it does not glorify criminality, nor does it attempt to moralise to the rest of the country about it.The sterling performance by Kgoroge as Sox, the actor who goes to Soweto in search of his identity, is something to behold. And the miniature Percy Matsemela is hilarious as a “Michael Schumacher of Soweto”, to use his own words, as he races through Johannesburg away from the chasing cops, whereas Moshidi Motshegwa fits like a glove into the role of Grace, a dope-smoking, idle township girl.Watch this movie for its excellent acting, its intensity of emotion, as well as for its wonderfully crafted script by Lesego Rampolokeng.The movie provides a more contemporary evocation of township life, but runs the risk of reinforcing the stereotype of Soweto as a den of criminal activity. Township characters in the movie are mostly career criminals whose lives revolve around drink, sex and crime.Released this week, the film was shot entirely on location in and around Johannesburg. It is showing now at Ster Kinekor cinemas at The Zone in Rosebank, Eastgate Mall and Southgate Mall.Source: City of Johannesburg websitelast_img read more

SA joins global road safety campaign

first_img12 May 2011 South Africa has joined the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety campaign, launched worldwide on Wednesday, with Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele saying the country would use the campaign to ensure that road safety became everyone’s business. The campaign, supported by governments, international agencies, civil society organisations and private companies from more than 100 countries, aims to save at least 5-million lives on roads around the world over the next 10 years. Speaking in Pretoria at the South Africa launch of the campaign, Ndebele said the government would work with various stakeholders to ensure that the message was spread everywhere – from mosques, temples, churches, schools and businesses – to ensure that everyone was on board in creating safer roads for South Africans. Ndebele said his department had already embarked on large-scale mobilisation of communities through Community Road Safety Councils. Council members include traditional leaders, religious leaders, the private sector, schools, government departments as well as civil society. These councils should always be inclusive, he said. “Road Safety is not what you do to a community; road safety is what you do with a community. Therefore, community-driven road safety through Community Road Safety Councils must become the primary driving force of this Decade of Action in South Africa.” Ndebele said the government wanted to empower communities to become self-liberating through Road Safety Councils. “Every road safety issue in a community, whether a faulty robot or a pothole in Boksburg, Soweto or Nongoma, must be the business of the Road Safety Council. Members of the community must know their Road Safety Council, which should be their first point of call regarding any road safety matter.” Ndebele said the government’s response to road deaths in the country included safety education taught at schools, plans to ensure the speeding up of the issuing of driving licences, and a planned driving school summit that would ensure that schools were better empowered to produce trained drivers. Ndebele said the government’s road safety plan, introduced last October, to stop and check one-million vehicles every month, had seen about 34 000 unroadworthy vehicles being impounded in the past six months. About 3.5-million fines had been issued for various traffic offences, 13 877 drunk drivers arrested, and almost 9-million vehicles stopped at roadblocks. “As of May 2011, no less than 10 000 drivers will be screened every month for drinking and driving.” Other plans include the national roll-out of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act and the points demerit system. A draft amendment of the Aarto regulations was published for comment in the Government Gazette on 15 April. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

A ‘disruptive’ technology: Sandile Ngcobo’s world-first digital laser

first_imgSandile Ngcobo at work testing the digital laser at the CSIR laboratory in Pretoria. (Image: Screengrab via YouTube)Breakthrough experimental work by University of KwaZulu-Natal scientist Sandile Ngcobo as part of his PhD research has led to the development of a world-first digital laser set to open up revolutionary new technologies for medicine, communications, manufacturing, product development and more.Ngcobo was a key part of the team at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s National Laser Centre that demonstrated that, instead of resorting to expensive optics or other special mediating devices to control the shape of the light coming out of a laser, laser beams can be digitally controlled from inside the laser device itself.Watch an eNCA documentary on Ngcobo’s research: Watch Ngcobo explaining his technology at TEDxSoweto 2013: First published on Media Club South Africa – Brand South Africa’s library of quality images and articles, available for freelast_img read more

Proud to be a part of Indian Super League, says Ranbir Kapoor

first_imgBollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, who will be owning the Mumbai franchise in the inaugural Indian Super League (ISL), said he was looking to translating his passion for the sport into development activity.Ranbir has tied up with investment banker Bimal Parekh to co-own the Mumbai franchise of the eight-city league that will be played during September-November.Ranbir Kapoor has tied up with investment banker Bimal Parekh to co-own the Mumbai franchise of the eight-city league.”It is a moment of great pride for me to be a part of the Indian Super League and to represent the vibrant city of Mumbai. Football has never been far away from my daily life since childhood, and now as a partner in the Indian Super League, I am looking forward to translate my passion into contributing to the growth of the sport,” said Ranbir.Ranbir hoped the grassroots programme developed by ISL promoters IMG-Reliance for the franchise owners will benefit the game.”I firmly believe in the grassroots and community development program designed by the league organisers IMG Reliance, to popularise the game and that’s one thing which excited me to be part of this dream,” he said.last_img read more

Forget digg: Join Mixx Where You Can Still Become A Power User

first_img Marketers are outcasts at most social news sites. Digg and Reddit users and/or admins will Social news sites like Also you can submit a particular story to one or several groups. For instance I won’t annoy everybody with every single SEO story. I can submit these to the SEO 2.0 or learning SEO Basics groups where people eagerly await the news. Normal users won’t see them and get annoyed by “SEO spammers” 😉 appeared a few months ago can decide together what is breaking news That said you will receive referrers from, the “front page itself” right after submission if you choose the right categories, tags and groups. Of course categories like tech or fun or tags like Mixx or Linux are always popular, but you should try to really hit the nail on the head with correct and specific tags. Some people skip the tags or add only one category. At Mixx . ” page frontpage Mixx What makes Mixx superior to other news sites are also several other aspects: Localization. You can add where the news happened geographically. Thus users are able to read their local news too. and and skyrocketed to the heights of the attention economy like no other. . the group reputation building LA Times which even funded Mixx What’s the best thing about Mixx? It’s superb audience. You do not have the mob of Digg or Reddit. Nobody will attack you with racists remarks and tell you how bad your submission is even it’s amazing. Mixx Surpasses Direct Competition in order to circumvent the tedious process of waiting a while for enough voters to notice it and vote it up. Alexa traffic stats Mixx Feautures the Other Sites Are Envious Of Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack TechCrunch covers every step of Mixx A Super Mixxer is a user on Mixx, who, through a combination of Karma points, high quality, diverse submissions and comments, and being a model Mixxer for at least 30 days, has access to special feature enhancements. While it is probably too late now to be much more than a blip at one of the established sites like digg, social news site at once. Why? At Mixx you are always on the front page, even without becoming popular. Mixx Plime Make your friends aware of your submission. I do not want to obsess with traffic too much though. Most people by now should know that social media is not solely about traffic numbers. Here’s what’s actually important: Shoutwire Digg. I have been an avid user but I rarely strove to make submissions popular. I read and voted for the stuff in my categories, I tagged, commented, joined groups and submitted posts to groups, I established groups and kept them alive, I submitted everything from art, politics, Internet related stuff and also different kind of media, articles, images and videos. to follow suit after the If you enjoyed the article, you can find more of Tad’s writings at Another feature just shortly introduced which is governed by Super Mixxers is the ” While you get judged based on your sheer activity on most social news sites, similarly to games where there is a toplist of the best players Mixx changed that. You still have the most active power users who seemingly submit, rate and comment news all day as a full time job. On the other hand Mixx does not really encourage that. They do not encourage excessive numbers, they encourage singular and varied achievements. For instance there are several badges you can get when contribute something of exceptional value to the community. You still get these for the popular posts. On the other hand you get rewarded too for low key participation with less glamour and less mass appeal. lets you create a personal “Your blog spam you can and should add multiple categories. This works bets as mentioned above with the “Email This” feature. If you use it wisely you will succeed, even promoting your own stuff. On the hand: Do not trick yourself. If you send out a mediocre story to all your friends it gets promoted to the popular section but almost no traffic will ensue. A few days ago I “Emailed This” to several friends of mine after my submission has already 23 votes and only 4 hours left to get popular, yes you still have a time frame of 24h at Mixx to make a story popular, I emailed a story from my site which was submitted by someone else to a 12 of my SEO peers. It become popular but it gained less traffic than the stories that get thee naturally. Still many people want to get to the front page or become popular on Mixx like on the old school social news sites. It’s possible and it isn’t as difficult as elsewhere as the threshold for stories is around 30 votes up currently while images or videos need even less votes, images only 10! Although I have 178 followers already it’s not like all my stories get popular. The contrary is the case. Most get around 10 votes 50% by people I know, 50% by others. When I submit images sometimes it’s enough to become popular. As I don’t care most of the time it’s OK with me. I use Mixx in a different manner, as I wrote in the beginning. Power users who see social news as a game nonetheless strive to get popular each and every time. A SEO group within a social news site? Yes, this is a novelty, but there are a few of them. There is one called Marketing”, one called “blog pr”, learning SEO basics etc. There is no such thing as ” Let me start at the beginning though. Mixx is a social news site like no other. It is both a personal (formerly Netscape) have been around for a while. joining the conversation Early Bird Bonus Mixx Reddit of all these sites you will notice that Digg and Reddit lose ground while Propeller is remaining reasonably flat. What is more awe-inspiring though is to watch at Compete how Mixx has managed to surpass the other similar dark horse social news sites: German, , The Mixx Structure and Visitor Numbers . You will see the content of your choice on top. This system is based on categories, tags, groups and even particular users. So, for example, you can choose my submissions as your content of choice shown at the top of your personal Mixx. Polish, Indonesian and Iranian ones!) and Mixx offers a unique opportunity bury or vote down your submissions anonymously : You can still become a power user at Mixx, it’s not too late. Moreover Mixx will reward your efforts. I joined Mixx a few months ago and some weeks ago I was made a ” with already 75 members although Mixx Always on the Front Page ” on Mixx , the You are allowed to submit your own blog postings. There are negative votes but they are clearly visible, at least for a while (only the last 10 votes are visible). So if someone votes you down he has to prepare for the backlash. Only newbies vote down without understanding the implications. Power users rarely vote you down unless you are really spamming. So please do not submit your company homepage as “Search Engine Optimization Iowa” but contribute or I’ll report your submission myself. and While most people tend to compare Mixx to Digg, it actually competes more directly with Shoutwire. Both have very similar content mix on the front page focusing on different media types. Shoutwire has lost substantially against Mixx. two If you’re interested in social media, particularly for small businesses and B2B marketing, you’re encouraged to attend this upcoming free The following is an article from a guest author, Tadeusz Szewczyk (you can call him “Tad”). Tad’s an SEO consultant, web developer and author based in Germany. He also happens to be a social media power user. New York Times included recently “Add to Mixx” buttons When submitting a story you can notify all of your Power Users vs Super Mixxers Super Mixxers For instance I quickly realized that Mixx Mixx also has superior social networking features. There are at least three ways to contact and communicate with other users. You can “email them” via the internal messaging system called “Mixx Mail”. If you email several users at once an instant discussion is formed in a way mailing lists work. Each user added gets also a “real email” notification with the message in it to their mail address. You can unsubscribe from such a conversation in order not be annoyed by too many mails. peer review Email This” function. if you mention anywhere on your site that you are a SEO. Marketers get bashed for no reason or rather in a bizarre kind of guilt by association or “kin liability”. Because of those who spammed and gamed Digg, all other people who just write about how to improve your SEO skills get punished. is invitation only and I only allow people to join who are will really benefit the community (both overall Mixx and my own SEO 2.0 group). Even bloggers get harassed just for submitting their own postings. Marketing and SEO on Mixx: No Censorship . Moreover the social media mavens and early adopters are in a frenzy to either hail Mixx as the new, new thing in social news sites or dismiss it altogether. So there is a tremendous buzz around Mixx. Your Personal Social News On You can even “select all” to contact them all at once. Of course you have to be very cautious about using this as notifying all your friends each time will either make them cease the friendship or overlook your notifications. Some power users have sent me several notifications daily so I finally stopped to look at them as the were just too many. On the other hand I will check a notification of user who never or rarely sends me. I only once notified all of my by now 178 friends at once, with this bleak message. Propeller ” by the Mixx team, a position that grants me access to some special features at Mixx (see below how to become a Super Mixxer). Super Mixxers have more power than the average user. is about channels and choices and not solely about being on the While this might be a problem for many people, it will change with time. Mixx What is Social News Good for: It’s Not All About Traffic Either they talk about you, and in many cases this won’t be favorable for you, or you step in and become part of the conversation. Mixx breaking news Groups: Social News Communities Within the Social News Community is the best social news site currently a SEO 2.0 group SEO 2.0 friends about it via the ” like with What’s unique about Mixx is the groups feature. In short it makes Mixx a hub of dozens or hundreds of social news sites. It allows you to create your own Digg-like community within the larger Mixx context. I love this feature. I created a social news site of my own, These people will also submit your stuff elsewhere like on StumbleUpon, Sphinn or Propeller. Mixx is a testing ground for submissions. What works here in many cases will work elsewhere too as on Mixx it does not make sense to cheat. It’s the original social news idea: Great content gets promoted by a smart mob and not tramped down by a lynch mob formed from an anonymous mass. Social Networking at Mixx: Unique Selling Propositiuon How Mixx Power users Make Submissions Popular online presence The secret of getting popular is fairy simple: Make enough people aware of your submission. The Best Asset of Mixx Mixx. Also as it does not make sense to “game” Mixx there is no Apple, “the best stolen pictures at a fun site” or Ron Paul spam. You get only stuff by dedicated social media users. Still, as noted earlier, The frontpage of Mixx should not be your goal most of the time. As Mixx has so many places to go and personal configurations many people, me too often, do not even read the poplar stories. A popular story thus will only get 100 – 300 visitors on average. The Mixx team rewarded me with promoting me to “Super Mixxer”. It may sound funny or useless, but it isn’t. It allows me to perform certain actions other, normal mixxers, are not allowed to: As a Supermixxer I am able to connect two stories. This is very powerful. The feature is meant to deal with the duplicate story from multiple sources problem. On Mixx all sources get a chance to be noticed because Supermixxers can connect them to each other. They will be shown as “related”. more than that I can create a thread about a topic by connecting a particular story to relevant events which were covered on Mixx days, weeks or months ago. It allows me to add different perspectives to onesided or subjective story. A feature which will be gold once the election process gets heated up in the US. : Watching the A new shiny contender called Notice the stylish M at the right upper corner? I’m a Super Mixxer. Mixx you get the early adopters, bloggers, social media mavens. So Mixx is already the leader of the underdogs while it has still substantially less traffic than Reddit, according to Compete 1/7 or Propeller 1/4 based on Compete data. Originally published Apr 7, 2008 3:07:00 PM, updated March 21 2013 social media webinar On social networking more people will flock to As (I tried all of them, even the Spanish, French, ” shortcut. On Digg you sometimes read a breaking news story hours or days too late, after it’s not news anymore. My Mixx starts with the popular images followed by my latest Mixx group. Super Mixxer Digg Negative voting is visible. This is one of the simplest but most important differences to other socialh news sites. For instance I will add election related news to at least three categories. politics, national and election 2008. When the candidates speak about the economy I will add the post to “business”, when they speak about health care I will add it additionally to “health” etc. users who are interested in health and have added it their their Mixx will see on their “front page”.last_img read more

5 Great Reasons to Follow Internet Marketing Industry News

first_imgThat is totally understandable. Whether you are a SMB (small / medium business) owner, a marketing practitioner or an internet marketing expert there is barely enough time in any day to do just what is needed without adding to your work. We get that. Download the free kit Become a thought leader There are obviously many more reasons to pay attention to online / inbound marketing industry news . Whatever your reason, it is just as important to stay on top of what may be on the horizon in the industry as a whole as it is taking care of the Check back as we help you weed through another mountain of information. We’ll give you the best places to get this information and also highlight the stories that will be important to you. Oh and we may even throw in an opinion or two to keep it interesting. day to day needs of your inbound marketing efforts Network with other professionals Here are five great reasons to make the time to follow the online / inbound marketing industry news. – It’s important to understand tools and tactics in Internet marketing and social media that create business. What may be just as important is to become a thought leader in your market niche as it relates to the entire scope of Prevent wasted resources Stay ahead of your competition – People who know a lot about Internet marketing are important people to know. One of the best ways to get yourself involved in the industry in a more significant way is to follow the industry pundits and comment on their blogs, etc. Hey, you do that anyway for other reasons just add this to the list. You never know what might happen. Drive strategy on information – Sure this makes everyone’s lists of benefits but in this case it’s even more important. The Internet marketing industry already has evidence that the SMB lags behind larger business in online capabilities in general. Since you are likely ahead of the curve already by being places like here you can further distance yourself from the pack. A little information is a powerful thing. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack including offline. By separating yourself from other marketers in your niche, you shine a positive light on your business and company that is attractive to prospective customers. how the Internet fits in the overall scheme of marketing efforts – In this current economy, it is important to ensure that your efforts are laser beam focused on areas that are forward facing and will not end in an abrupt halt. For instance, if you are spending money on paid search at Yahoo do you know when that search engine will become powered by Bing and what the changes in process, capability and cost might mean to you? Better to be informed than caught off guard. Would there be value, though, in spending about 10 minutes a day that may save you time and create more business from your online efforts? Sure there is and this is how you do it. You pay some attention to the Internet marketing industry news that can help you identify an emerging trend or confirm your suspicions about a dying current practice. There is nothing worse for any business person than wasting time on something that could have been avoided with a little industry due diligence. Inbound Lead Generation Kit – While a lot of people don’t like to admit it, Internet marketing is often driven by ‘gut feel’ and a herd mentality. The more you can rise above that and apply some serious forward thinking to your Internet marketing efforts, the more dynamic and effective your efforts will be. . Make sure you keep your head up so you don’t waste time and resources. for tips and tricks to drive more leads and business to your site. Originally published Dec 3, 2009 8:30:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 Learn how to generate more inbound leads using SEO, blogging, and social media.last_img read more

7 Social Media Marketing Videos From America’s Best Universities

center_img Social Media Video 4. Originally published Apr 7, 2010 2:12:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Terry College’s Interview with Ford’s Scott Monty — posted by — posted by to learn how to use online video to grow your business with inbound marketing. 5. doesn — posted by 7. Jeff Jarvis: Your Customers Are Your Ad Agency — posted by ‘t mean we should ignore the information being shared with today’s students. After all, it could also help improve our own strategies. I would reccomend looking for other videos related to your industry on YouTube EDU because it has so much great, free content. before? ColumbiaBusiness Which video was most helpful to you? Have you used YouTube 2. How do you get started with YouTube, video podcasting, live streaming, or viral videos. 3. How to Be a Social Media Change Agent Social Networking or Notworking: The Value of Social Media in Business Social Media Progress and Predictions shouldn EDUlast_img read more

Spilling SEO Juice – 3 Dos and Don’ts for Writing Great Page Titles

first_imgDos 1. Be Specific Every page on your site should have a specific purpose. Think about the page in front of you, and try to describe it. If you’re using “and” to combine multiple thoughts on this page, its time to make some new pages. When writing the titles for each of these pages, keep the specifics of the page in mind. If this is a page just about “toasters”, the title should include your keywords centered around “toasters”, and not a more generic keyword phrase like “kitchen appliances”. 2. Be Unique Just like every page title should be specific to each page, you should also make sure that each page title is unique across your entire site. If you’re following the first rule and making sure that every page is laser-focused on a single topic, it should be extremely easy to also make sure that each page title is unique. 3. Be Compelling When you are looking at a search engine results page, there’s only three things that appear for a visitor – the page title, the page description (bonus points if you’ve got a unique and targeted meta description), and your page’s URL. Try and treat your page titles like the titles for your blog posts, and make them compelling. Don’ts 1. Be Repetitive Your page titles shouldn’t include multiple variations of similar keyword phrases. A great example of being bad would be “toaster, toaster oven, kitchen toaster, college toaster, 8 slice toaster, bagel toaster | Chris’ Toaster Emporium”. Titles like this promote worst practices and often lead to having the same page titles used across most (if not all) of the pages in your site. 2. Be Long Anything more than 70 characters is a waste. If you’re not able to describe this particular page with less than 70 characters, then maybe you need to break this down into multiple pages. From a practical standpoint, Google will cut your title off around 70 characters, and you’ll be left with a set of elipses at the end of the title – and everything you’ve written above the 70 character limit is essentially negated. 3. Put Your Company Name at the Front In most cases, your website will already rank high for your company name. Leverage the fact that search engines allocate more weight to the words that appear at the beginning of a page title, and form your titles using your keyword phrases first, and then your company name.Do you have other tips for improving page titles? Photo Credit: needoptic Live Website Optimization: Using Website Grader For Marketing Success Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published May 19, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Join HubSpot Experts for a live session for website review and optimization, providing tips for getting found online. Date & Time: Every Tuesday at 1:00pm ET Submit your site now  for optimization by HubSpot Experts! (2 will be selected)last_img read more

UK Advertisers: Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish?

first_img Before you start pumping out blog posts make sure you do some keyword research sign up here Start to track your progress.  If you don’t have any way to measure the traffic on your site how are you going to be able to tell if your hard work is paying off or not.  HubSpot’s product offers a The Bad News Get Started Now With the new year just getting underway, there’s no better time to get started than right now.  If you don’t already have a blog it’s time to start one.  A lot of businesses are hesitant to because they are unsure of what they should write about.  Think about the questions you get asked on a regular basis, from your friends, from your customers, in your email.  Instead of answering these questions on a one off basis post the answers in your blog.   The bad news is that it’s not going to get any cheaper to advertise and keep up with the advertising budgets of your competitors.  The problem with most forms of paid advertising is that there is a finite supply and an almost infinite demand.  There are only so many local listings, television spots, etc. and an overwhelming number of people who want to advertise in those spaces given the right price. This is especially true if your business is limited to a specific geographic region.  As advertising becomes more sophisticated and campaigns can be targeted towards certain geographic regions, those with a smaller audience (such as the UK) are going to become even more expensive.  The Good News great analytics application Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack The good news is that Inbound Marketing completely turns the tables on the old methods of marketing.  When you create your own supply there is no limit to how much you can create.  If what you create is truly remarkable then the traffic will come to you.  In this new marketing era knowledge and expertise are the currency instead of dollars or euros.  The other good news, for those of you reading this in the UK, is that while your competitors are out there figuring out how they are going to spend their marketing budget you can be brainstorming ideas on ways to educate your customers not only giving you a headstart on your Inbound Marketing strategy but also saving you money while you do so.  for both your website and your blog so you can see exactly what people are looking at, what’s working, and what’s not.  If you’d like to try out HubSpot’s product for free for 30 days you can in order to figure out what words and phrases you should be targeting.  This will dramatically increase the probability that your website shows up on the search engine results pages.   start a blog Originally published Jan 20, 2011 3:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Topics: .   Inbound Marketinglast_img read more