‘Manchester United impossible to turn down’, says Italy star

first_img Matteo Darmian 1 Matteo Darmian says he didn’t think twice about joining Manchester United this summer.The Italian moved to Old Trafford in July after the Red Devils paid Torino around £12.5m for his services.Several clubs had shown an interest in the right-back but after United came calling the 25-year-old says there was only one option.“When Manchester United called me, I didn’t have to think about it for a second – it’s impossible to turn them down,” Darmian told Tuttosport.“I still follow Torino, they did well against Pescara and have the ability to get better.“Everything’s in place for another good season.”last_img read more

Photo of the Week: Peony Garden, Nichols Arboretum

first_imgThe Peony Garden at Nichols Arboretum at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is an amazing site in the spring and early summer when the nearly 800 peonies are in bloom. I love strolling through the garden, but somehow I’ve missed visiting the past couple years. When I stopped in at the garden last Friday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many peonies in bloom. According to their website, only 50 percent of the flowers were in bloom, but it seemed to me it was closer to 80 or 90 percent.The Peony Garden dates back to early twentieth century when Dr. W. E. Upjohn, founder of Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company, donated peonies to the University of Michigan. The garden contains over 270 American, Canadian, and European varieties in the 27 beds, many of the peonies dating back to the nineteenth century. Each bed can contain 30 peonies. During peak bloom, close to 10,000 flowers are blooming.The oldest peony in the garden is Lady Emily, a light-pink peony which dates back to 1807. It’s been in the same place in the garden since 1927, when the garden opened.Peonies thrive in climates with harsh winters. Our extremely cold weather last winter and the heavy precipitation in both winter and spring led to increased growth this year, with larger blooms. And for the first time in over 80 years, all the peonies in the garden were staked with bamboo plants to support the large blooms. If you decide to visit the Peony Garden, be sure to check out their tour options, including web-based, self-guided, and drop-in tours. I liked the Famous Lady self-guided tour (PDF). Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedPhoto of the Week: Tree Peonies in BloomWith the warm weather over the past couple weeks in southeast Michigan, our gardens are filled with color from mid-to-late spring flowers, including gorgeous deep purple lilacs, brilliant orange poppies, and the soft pink of crabapple flowers. One of my favorite spring flowers in bloom is the peony, and there’s…In “Garden”Photo of the Week: Evening Stroll at the Peony GardenFor the past several years, I do my best to visit the Peony Garden at Nichols Arboretum on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to see the blooming historic peonies. With 27 beds that can contain 30 peony bushes each, exploring the Peony Garden is one…In “Garden”Photo of the Week: Peonies in Bloom at Nichols ArboretumOh my, what a difference a week makes! This spring I’ve had the pleasure of visiting parks and nature areas on multiple consecutive weeks, and have had a time-lapse experience for spring bird migration and spring flowers. It’s been amazing! Last week I took a spring hike at Nichols Arboretum…In “Garden”last_img read more

Seeing Through The Smokescreen

first_imgAs I navigate my 10th year in the Human Capital Management space, I honestly don’t believe there has ever been a more exciting time in our industry! Technology is vibrant and scale-able, workforce engagement has become of paramount strategic importance and new leadership minds are empowering HR Professionals to lead the charge in improving business process.All the upgrades and enhancements are exciting, but it is important to remain grounded in practicality. With change comes opportunity and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Still, ambition has to be accompanied by experience-driven common sense.I’ve been in trenches with buyers and sellers alike in the HCM space for a decade. There are a few inefficiencies that should be addressed:Consultants are not always experts.There is no such thing as “selling” in the HCM space.The thought leaders of old may be out of ideas.Before we get too caught up in the glitz and glamour of the future, we have to remember what got us here…….DESIGNPeople love graphic enticement. We have a natural behavioral reaction to dive into well-designed platforms. This is why the development of Gaming has carried over into the Human Engagement space.HOWEVERWe may have failed to recognize that just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it provides proper function!Design in the Employee Engagement space relates not to graphics but…Program initiatives……The behaviors they encourage……Their measurable relevance to business production!If your platform is not customize-able and scale-able, you’ve handed your employees a paint brush in front of a finished canvas.TrackingPeople don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Unsuccessful managers silo their employees for fear of exposure to their leadership inefficiency. One-to-one time over a cup of coffee can be as important as any annual performance review.But… the boomerang of reciprocity swings both ways….Good for Good & Bad for Bad!Every organization in world has manager budgets that account from everything from gift cards to handtruck fuel. These budgets exist in hidden cost centers that fail to track who did what for which organizational purpose and why this might be deemed relevant.It’s time to automate, consolidate and track results!… 1984 has come and gone and big brother won’t be slapping hands for strengthening retention through mutual goal attainment. There is now a way to track and correlate every manager/employee relationship to organizational success.There is a system that will allow managers autonomy to rule their part of the neighborhood while empowering transparency.So everyone who is recognized will be affiliated with when, why and how…. and those who are recognized will be afforded exposure into the internal talent pool.AccessibilityManagers are busy enough. You’ve trusted them as employee advocates because they understand how to make individuals feel like they are part of something bigger! If you make Employee Recognition an arduous chore, managers will remain in their silos, happy to protect their autonomy.The process of virtual recognition should take less than a minute. If systems are in place that require more than said amount of time expenditure:Adoption will suffer mightily!The process of recognition will become an obligation (instead of a privilege).MeasurementI pose one simple question:What is the ROI of a core-value driven program?Can your Employee Recognition system measure the statistical value of “teamwork”?Your organization’s Mission, Vision & Values are the common characteristics that stem the tide of appropriate, professional progress. Does this mean there is strategic relevance to “Honesty”. By correlating extended behavior traits to these vague terms of endearment, we start to make pats on the back boosts up the ladder.So how do we measure our return on our Employee Recognition Investment?Correlate “Values” with tactical behaviors traits.Run campaigns for individual organizational units that are unique to their business goals (yes, your recognition system should be user smart).Capture program adoption/engagement with easy to read dashboards & balance this information against revenue production and customer service scores.Let’s Summarize:1. CUSTOMIZE program initiatives that are unique to your organizational identity.2. TRACK who was recognized for what by whom and when.3. Make the system EASY to use and administer.4. MEASURE the impact of Recognition to business results.Don’t Believe the Hype…. Just Do What’s Right!~ Dave Originally published on LinkedIn.last_img read more