iPad 2 launch day stats 70 of sales to new customers

first_imgWith the launch of Apple‘s second generation tablet last week, no one was going to be surprised that the iPad 2 was a popular purchase. Queues formed, online orders pushed availability back to weeks instead of days, and stock began to sell out. What you may be surprised to find out, though, is most of the sales weren’t to existing iPad owners.Piper Jaffray decided to monitor the launch of the tablet, and in so doing gathered data on who exactly was buying the device, how many were sold, and how it compares to the launch of the original iPad.Sales of the iPad 2 definitely beat the iPad’s first weekend. iPad 2 sold roughly 500,000 units in one day where as the iPad only managed 300,000 across a weekend. If you consider how much knowledge and demand there is now for tablets compared to April last year, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consumers now understand what a tablet is, what it can do, and more of us want one.However, the best news for Apple isn’t that iPad 2 was flying off the shelves, it was that most of those sales were going to new customers. 70% of all iPad 2 sales apparently went to people who did not own an iPad. For Apple that means new customers for accessories and the App Store as well as potentially a bigger user base willing to upgrade to iPad 3 next year. Just as importantly, 65% of buyers owned an iPhone suggesting there is some correlation between what phone you use ands what tablet you decide to buy.Worringly for Microsoft, the split of iPad 2 purchases was about even between those who count a Mac or a PC as their main PC at home. With no desirable Windows 7 tablets on the market yet is Microsoft missing out on a growing new revenue stream and pushing users to iOS devices through sheer lack of choice?Nearly half of purchases were for the 3G version of the new tablet, but it’s important to point out limited stock may have forced some consumers to buy the more expensive model. And it looks as though getting an iPad 2 over the next few weeks may be difficult. The online Apple Store has a 3-4 week waiting period, and both 16GB and 32GB models are thought to be sold out. Could we see the iPad 2 launch in other parts of the world pushed back to help Apple cope with demand in the U.S.?Read more at FortuneMatthew’s OpinionWhen Apple launched the first iPad no one really knew what was going to happen. Apple was taking a risk that this is what consumers wanted, and thankfully for them it definitely was and sold in the millions. A year later and the competition has yet to catch up. There isn’t another 10″ tablet on the market that is better, or even as good as the original iPad at the same price point. Now it’s even more difficult to create one as Apple has refined the design with the iPad 2.What the sales of iPad 2 clearly show is there is a growing market for tablet devices. Everyone is flocking to the Apple camp for their tablet because choice is so limited and prices so high everywhere else. If there was an Android or Windows tablet on the market that could compete on features and price it would be flying off the shelves too. But there isn’t, and Apple certainly won’t be complaining about that.Anyone buying an iPad 2 can still be viewed as an early adopter because the tablet market is so young. But competitors should really be sweating now. Apple has a very stable and popular ecosystem setup around the iPad in the form of the App Store. But it also has the Mac and iPhone to cater for your other computing and communication needs. Once you enter the Apple ecosystem it’s easier to stay there than switch away, so while someone like Microsoft may see tablet sales as something on the fringes of its business concerns, it could have a direct effect on the sales of Windows PCs and Windows Phone sales in the long term as iPad owners decide to try an iPhone and a MacBook.last_img read more