Microsoft patent reveals possible Google Glass competitor

first_imgIn the wearable tech and augmented reality space, few pieces of hardware are making as much noise right now as Google’s Project Glass. It turns out jumping out of a blimp and parachuting to the top of a convention center wearing an unreleased piece of technology has that effect. Naturally, there’s an expectation that Google’s competition will try and grab some of that spotlight. A new patent application (20120293548) submitted by Microsoft for a wearable gadget designed to overlay information onto a live event seems to be the latest attempt at turning heads away from Mountain View.Unlike the Project Glass headsets that are designed for all day use, Microsoft’s patent describes a use case where glasses are put on for specific events. Take, for example, a baseball game where the glasses would reveal player statistics and some live social integration. Or, during a pre-determined intermission at a concert the glasses would show guided directions to merchants or concessions. Not necessarily something you would wear all day, every day, which no doubt would appeal to users unwilling or unable to wear a computer at all times. There’s also the potentially more exciting option, which is a real time heads up display for the Xbox, bringing you one step deeper inside whatever game you are playing.This patent was originally filed for in May of 2011, so there’s no real knowing what Microsoft has in store for wearable tech, or if the company was just snatching up a patent to use against other companies. As we move towards seeing companies adopt augmented reality as a value add to their products, it seems unlikely that Microsoft would just stand by and miss out on the opportunity to get in the wearable tech game early. As with any form of technology, the more competition there is the faster innovation will drive exciting new things for everyone to play with.Read more at the USPTO, via Unwired Viewlast_img read more