How Embryonic Development Bears on Evolution

first_imgEvolution Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All Life Sciences How Embryonic Development Bears on EvolutionCornelius HunterJanuary 22, 2018, 1:47 AM Cornelius G. HunterFellow, Center for Science and CultureCornelius G. Hunter is a graduate of the University of Illinois where he earned a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Computational Biology. He is Adjunct Professor at Biola University and author of the award-winning Darwin’s God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil. Hunter’s other books include Darwin’s Proof, and his newest book Science’s Blind Spot (Baker/Brazos Press). Dr. Hunter’s interest in the theory of evolution involves the historical and theological, as well as scientific, aspects of the theory. His blog is Darwin’s God. Share In order for evolution to have occurred as the orthodox theory describes, the intricate embryonic development stages of species must have evolved. Indeed, the developmental pathways of the species would be crucial in such a process. If we are to believe the evolutionary claim that the species spontaneously arose, then untold embryonic development pathways must have somehow undergone massive change.But while evolutionists expected the study of such evolution of development to yield great insight into the evolutionary process and history, it has underwhelmed. This shortcoming is well known, as exemplified in a 2015 paper, “The Comet Cometh: Evolving Developmental Systems“:First, traditional comparative approaches to the evolution of development — whether focused on the morphological or on the molecular/genetic level — are reaching their limits in terms of explanatory power. [Emphasis added.]Except that this is an overstatement. To say that comparative approaches “are reaching their limits in terms of explanatory power” is to suggest that there was, at one time, some significant level of explanatory power provided. That would be a very optimistic interpretation of the data.The paper continues:The more we learn about the evolution of pattern-forming gene networks, or the ontogeny of complex morphological traits, the more it becomes clear that it is less than straightforward to conclude anything about evolutionary origins or dynamics based on such comparisons alone.“Less than straightforward”? Let’s be clear — a more accurate descriptor would be “impossible.” In fact, the evidence does not reveal an evolutionary history, but rather is supported by the theory. Evolutionary theory does not follow the data, as Huxley prescribed, but rather the data follow the theory.The paper continues:On the one hand, homoplasy or convergent evolution abounds at all levels of investigation. One of the most lauded major insights of EvoDevo is that a common toolkit of genes and signaling pathways is reused over and over again to create a large diversity of different body plans, shapes, and organs.Most lauded major insights? That would be the mother of all euphemisms. Evolutionists are always rationalizing devastating contradictions as teachable moments, and here we have yet another example. To cast the nonsensical finding of a “common toolkit” as a “major insight” is laughable.This becomes clear as the paper continues:Because of this, similarities in gene expression patterns or morphological structure often do not necessarily imply common ancestry, since they may as well reflect the frequent reuse of the same regulatory or morphogenetic modules.Profound similarities “do not necessarily imply common ancestry.” We have now entered a Lewis Carroll world, as Elliott Sober would put it. The whole point of evolution was that such similarities revealed and mandated common descent. But now, we have the exact opposite, as similarities cannot be due to common descent, but must have arisen independently. And this is an “insight”? A fundamental prediction is demolished and evolutionists do not skip a beat. This is not science.But it gets worse:On the other hand, developmental system drift allows conserved networks to change considerably in terms of their component genes and regulatory interactions without changing the phenotypic outcomes such systems produce. This means that even functionally conserved regulatory networks can become unrecognizably divergent at the molecular and genetic level, especially across large evolutionary time spans.We have now reached the height of absurdity. First, profound developmental similarities were found which could not be ascribed to common descent. Now we find that those developmental pathways which can (theoretically) be ascribed to common descent are profoundly different.When will this bad dream end? The science contradicts the theory. Over. And over. And over. And over.Photo: Chicken embryo, one week old, by Ben Skála (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.Cross-posted at Darwin’s God. Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Sharecenter_img Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour Tagsbody planscommon descentconvergent evolutionElliott Soberembryonic developmentEvoDevogene expressiongeneshomoplasyLewis Carrollmorphological structureorgansshapesThomas Henry Huxley,Trending Billions of Missing Links: Mysteries Evolution Can’t Explain “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide Recommended Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Sharelast_img read more

Scholarships by Collegio Superiore, School of Excellence of University of Bologna

first_img Pocket Tweet Scholarships by Collegio Superiore, School of Excellence of University of Bologna Reddit +1 CAS SEE Fellowship Programme, Rijeka June 4, 2014 Published by aana Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. International Joint Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europecenter_img “The Edge” Cheap Street Poster Art Festival LinkedIn 0 Similar Stories Share 0 Deadline: 25 July 2014 (until 5 pm)Open to: students enrolled in the first year of a second cycle degree program or in the fourth year of a single cycle degree program at University of BolognaScholarship: tuition fee waiver, free accommodation, partial grant for living costs, interdisciplinary educationDescriptionThe Collegio Superiore was established in 1998 as a School of Excellence of the University of Bologna. The Collegio offers advanced and interdisciplinary education selecting particularly motivated students of any program of the University of Bologna. The admission to the Collegio is based on merit and equal opportunities. Once admitted students are required to maintain a high level of performance both in University courses and extracurricula activities. The Collegio requires that selected students be involved in all the activities of the Collegio Superiore, and be highly proficient in both the University courses as well as in the Collegio Superiore extracurricular seminars. Students can choose between two main disciplinary areas:Humanities and Economics (Schools of: Economy Management and Statistics, Law, Arts Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Foreign languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation, Psychology and Education, Political Studies);Science and Technology (Schools of: Agriculture and Veterinary, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science, Engineering and Architecture, Medicine, Sciences).EligibilityThe candidates applying for the programme:Must have an Italian or foreign valid title of access, and enroll for the 2014/15 academic year in the first year of a Second Cycle Degree of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. To be eligible, the candidate must not have been enrolled in other second cycle degree program before or possess any other equivalent academic degree;If enrolled in a Single Cycle Degree, in the year 2014/15, the candidate will enter the fourth academic year of the same university course at the University of Bologna and will not hold other previous.Candidates must be aware that an admission to some university courses require to pass specific admission tests to be enrolled. The necessary information and documentation is available at the respective offices of each School.In addition, the admission to the Collegio Superiore is exclusively on the base of merit and the Collegio Superiore requires that the student:Performs at high level in university courses (average grade of 28/30 and no grade below 24/30, all the exams within the academic year of reference);Performs at high level in the Collegio special programs;Involves herself/himself in the activities of Collegio Superiore.ScholarshipEvery students of Collegio Superiore receives a grant encompassing:A financial contribution to partially cover the cost of meals and studies;An university fee waiver (except stamp duty and insurance costs);A contribution for international mobility;A University Professor as Tutor;Free use of the facilities and spaces of the residence where the Collegio students live;For students not residing in Bologna (or on motivated request) free lodging at a residence is provided;Excellence and interdisciplinary special education.ApplicationThrough an online portal, interested candidates will have to submit the following documents:For candidates with a degree: the degree certificate containing the marks obtained in each course taken during the First Cycle program and the average mark. For undergraduate candidates and students enrolled in a Single Cycle Degree program: certificate of the university registration in which the marks obtained in each course are listed, the average mark and the number of University learning credits (ECTF) achieved;Curriculum vitae, formatted as described in the instruction section of the online application form;The institutional e-mail addresses of two university professors or researchers who have followed the candidate during his/her studies and to whom formal reference letters will be requested. These letters are mandatory for the evaluation and they must be received within the same deadline of the present application.The selection committee will make a pre-selection of short-listed candidates that will be invited for the interview. The pre-selection will be based on the candidate’s academic career, his/her curriculum vitae, and the content of two letters of reference provided by university professors or researchers who have been acquainted with the candidate. The required documentation must be submitted using the electronic format available on the website, and by following the instruction of the tutorial.All the information required to fill the application and to successfully submit it will be published in the dedicated section of the web site The application form must be submitted without exception by 5 pm (Italian time) July 25, 2014. Please note, that the application procedure in the past years has been slightly different for international and Italian candidates. Therefore, for any updates, check the web-site of Collegio Superiore and direct your questions to: [email protected] the official call and visit the web-page of Collegio Superiore. ← Internship in Peace Museum, Vienna SynCity: International Summer School in Dresden, Germany →last_img read more

GUEST COLUMN: Crisis gives us time to reflect, UAlbany student writes

first_imgSome say the COVID-19 global pandemic is really “ruining” their lives. I agree that the pandemic has caused drastic changes in everyone’s life.GAZETTE COVID-19 COVERAGEThe Daily Gazette is committed to keeping our community safe and informed and is offering our COVID-19 coverage to you free.Our subscribers help us bring this information to you. Please consider a subscription at to help support these efforts.Thank YouBut instead of viewing my life as being ruined, I like to believe that this has opened my eyes. My eyes are finally seeing the world in a new light. For one, we have been truly privileged and, at times, ungrateful.Students my age are complaining about having classes online and having to remain at home or in their off-campus apartments.But what about the young adults all over the world who can’t attend college at all?People are annoyed that they can’t go to the gym or salons. But what about the people who are forced to live in hiding due to their country’s dictator?I know I am taking a dramatic approach. But seriously, we have been far too ignorant for far too long. There are so many things to be grateful for during this time.Be grateful for having your family and loved ones.Be grateful for having a roof over your head and food to eat. Be grateful for your health.As I have started to incorporate these new mindsets into my present daily life, I’ve been spending more time with my family. I had forgotten how important quality family time was, as I was always “too busy.”It always seemed there’d be enough time for that. Did we all believe the coronavirus couldn’t touch us? That we, as Americans, were untouchable?When I think about what it’s been like for me being in self-quarantine, I’ve found myself guilty of these mindsets at times.Yes, I wish I could go get my nails done and go to the gym with my friends. I wish I could still go out on the weekends or shop at the mall.But once I really reflected on everything, it all started to click for me.People are dying. People have to go home to their abusers or to no home at all.Kids are starving because they relied on school meals to get fed. People are losing their jobs and unable to support their families. The people who still do have jobs are risking their own health, every day for the rest of us. And that’s just in our own country.  But as this pandemic has proven to many families, life is unpredictable and shouldn’t be something we take for granted. Just the other night, my grandmother, mother and I, created our own at-home salon. We did our own nails and face masks while reminiscing on past times together.When the night had ended, I was no longer thinking about how much I wished I could go to the mall or the nail salon down the street.I was thinking about how, in this moment, being with them was all I needed.  I never really thought about what a need and a want truly are. But for so long, I’ve considered so many things necessary that truly are not.I am one of the lucky ones going through this. These “inconveniences” everyone keeps talking about have become something I want to personally start considering blessings.All of these precautions being taken are not inconveniences if it means saving someone’s life. center_img So, the lessons of the COVID-19 virus, to me, is that life in the U.S. is a privilege that for so long so many of us have forgotten.The lesson is that we should be grateful for what we have and not what we don’t.The lesson is that we should all look at this as a wakeup call, because what happens when the virus is overcome and life goes back to normal?Will we go back to the way things were, along with the mindsets we’ve all carried for so long? Or will we reflect on this terrifying period of our lives as a chance to change?A chance to be better. Not only ourselves, but as a country. Alexis Varamogiannis, a native of Syracuse who grew up in Loudonville, is a second semester junior at the University at Albany. She is a communications and sociology major, with a minor in journalism. GAZETTE COVID-19 COVERAGEThe Daily Gazette is committed to keeping our community safe and informed and is offering our COVID-19 coverage to you free.Our subscribers help us bring this information to you. Please consider a subscription at to help support these efforts.Thank YouMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusHIGH NOTES: PPEs, fighting hunger, backpacks and supplies for kidsEDITORIAL: No chickens in city without strong regsEDITORIAL: Don’t repeal bail reform law; Fix it the right way Categories: Editorial, OpinionFor The Daily GazetteAs I’ve been stuck in my adolescent bedroom for the last couple days, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the entirety of our country’s current crisis.last_img read more

Business Business Three-peats Disc Break 2017

first_img BBQ Dads (Kelowna) Fiesta (Spokane) Lit (Calgary) Homegrown (Nelson) Business Business, a team consisting of players from Edmonton & Vancouver, captured the top prize for the third consecutive season.Rogue Hippo of Edmonton finished second with Saskatoon’s Bunny Thugs third.Nelson’s Homegrown, which defeated Business Business during the weekend, finished in seventh spot.More than 250 players attended the two day event.Final Top Ten Standings Include: Business Business (Edmonton/Vancouver) Mental Toss Flycoons (Missoula) Mastadon (Vancouver) Rogue Hippo (Edmonton) Dorkel (Vancouver) Bunny Thugs (Saskatoon) There were frisbee flying all over the Lakeside playing fields this past weekend as 17 teams took to the Heritage City to compete in Disc Break 2017.The annual tournament attracted players from Saskatoon to Seattle  and Missoula, Montanta to Edmonton.last_img read more