On eve of US midterms not all women are mobilized against Trump

first_imgRICHMOND, Va. – With voter turnout in the U.S. expected to test record levels Tuesday, women are expected to vote in the midterm elections en masse, energized by widespread anger towards Donald Trump.A lot of them, however, will be voting for Republican candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives and in state-level elections, motivated by party loyalty, visceral dislike of the Democrats and what they consider unfair treatment of their president.A CNN poll out today suggests that among female respondents, 62 per cent favour the Democrats in their districts, compared to just 35 per cent for the Republicans. But if Trump and the Republicans keep control of the Senate, it will be thanks in large part to women in places like Virginia who believe the president has been unfairly maligned by the media and his political critics and rivals.Democrats have been making a concerted effort to reach out to and mobilize their support, hoping to capitalize on the president’s reputation for what they call disrespectful and misogynist language.Two years after the last presidential election, polls indicate Trump’s approval rating is at or below 40 per cent, the lowest of any president on the eve of his first midterms since the 1950s.last_img read more