How to Get Employees to Think Like Owners

first_imgChanging Employee Perspective can Change How They WorkOn my client list there are three CEO’s who built their businesses from the ground up. Quite often the fact that they put everything on the line to build a successful business comes up in conversation. It can be a point of frustration for them when employees are acting entitled or ungrateful. They feel like if employees knew what it took to build the business they might be a little more appreciative.Maybe, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.Let’s face it, there are things in life that unless we physically and emotionally go through ourselves we can never understand them.Interestingly enough once you’ve become an entrepreneur it changes your perspective on everything. You start to run everything like a business which can be both a good and bad thing. As I’ve said before it is at the same time the most amazing and stressful thing I have ever done (with moving across the country being a close second).Still, giving employees a little perspective may be a very good idea. Somehow showing them what it’s like to start, run and grow a successful business could change the way they approach their job, and you, for the better.So how do you do that? Well of course I have a few ideas.Make Everyone a Decision MakerEspecially in smaller businesses, every role has to feel that they are crucial to the success of the business. Both the wins and loses the company faces need to be felt on a personal level by everyone. In order for this to happen individuals need to feel like they had a say in the outcome. It’s easy to blame failure on others if the individual had no say in the process. Everyone should be a decision maker about something, even if it is simply the type of toner used in the copier, giving that authority encourages them to think about how each affects the company both positively or negatively.Tell Your StoryI’ve written about this before. The story of how one started a business is powerful especially if they fought and clawed their way from the pits of despair. We love stories like that. This is the kind of story people will act like they are sick of hearing, but secretly want to hear over and over. The more employees know each painful step the business took to get to where it is, the more likely they are to appreciate the history. Ingraining the history into each employee while expressing how important they are to the future will change their perspective. The trick to this though is to not let up. Employees need to be reminded often of how crucial they are to success.Ask For Their AdviceI read a story a while back about a women who had just launched her first very successful business at a fairly young age. She was asked if it felt weird to be an entrepreneur at a young age. She said it wasn’t because she had grown up with two parents who both had their own businesses and she can remember sitting over the dinner table and her parents laying out struggles they were having with their business. Even though she and her brother were young, her parents would explain the challenge and then ask for their advice. She explained that because of that, thinking like a business owner is just who she was.I think the same can be done with employees. When leaders sit down with employees and be as honest as they can be about struggles they are having then ask employees for advice they do a couple of different things. First, it helps employees realize some of the tough challenges growing businesses face. Second, it makes them feel as though the leader trusts and is relying on them to be part of the solution. This is golden for a leader to employee relationship. Of course this has to be handled delicately, but when done properly can be very beneficial for all parties involved.Hold Them AccountableIf I had to pick one area that small businesses seem to struggle with the most it is in holding employees accountable. So many are extremely generous with what they allow employees to get away with. I call it the “we are so nice” factor. We are so nice we don’t want to fire anyone or have anyone be in trouble. This only works for so long and only fosters a sense of entitlement. Employees have to be held accountable for their actions and decisions. Consistently and thoroughly. Period.When employees start to think like owners the way they go about handling their position changes. They think more about how each and every thing impacts the business. They are less likely to become entitled or ungrateful. They grow to truly appreciate where the business has come and how they can help it go even farther.To read the original post on Accacia HR Solutions Blog, please click here. photo creditlast_img read more

Page Views 2.0

first_imgrichard macmanus Tags:#business#web It’s funny that I posted post not long before the Scoble-leaving-Microsoftannouncement predictably blanketedTechmeme. Because reading Robert’slatest post about his decision made me think about the fundamental reasonwhy ‘Web 2.0’ is (dare I say it) in bubble phase right now. It’s the exact samereason the Dot Com bubble occured – Page Views… which in thisera leads to ads, but more on that in a minute.In myprevious post PlentyOfFish owner Markus Frind boasted about getting 500 million page viewsa month, more than Digg’s 200 million. But even small blogs are posting 6-figuremonthly page views these days – TechCrunch says it gets 3 million and Robertmentioned a video blog called Rocketboomthat gets 9 million per month:“Yesterday I was talking with Amanda Congdon, one of the co-foundersof Rocketboom. Her videoblog is nowseeing about 300,000 viewers a day. That’s, what, a year or so old? Did youknow that advertisers are now paying her $85,000 per week? That’s almost asmuch money as I made in an entire year of working at Microsoft.”So Amanda is making $4.4 million, at least, a year from advertising – on her blog.I presume that her hosting costs are pretty significant though, because she runsa video service. But still it’d be a very healthy profit.It just shows you the opportunities are out there to make significant moneyon the Web, which is – let’s face it – driving a lot of this ‘web 2.0’ mania. Ohit’s a bubble, for sure. But it’s funny that this page views model is at itsfoundation almostidentical to the Dot Com days (bubble 1.0). Drive as many users to your siteas humanly possible – that’s the modus operandi of all websites, web 2.0 or not.The main difference I can see is that in the dot com days, this rush for pageviews was a ‘land grab’ and there wasn’t as big an opportunity to monetize itwith advertising. The idea back then (late 90’s, early 21st century) was togather as many users as possible and then do an IPO – monetizing wouldpresumably come later. Which actually has worked out to be the case for thesurvivers (Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, etc). These days, 2005-06-onwards, the idea is very much to – you guessed it –gather as many users as possible. Only this time you can monetize them withGoogle ads, or your own advertisers/sponsors. You can go after a mass market(like PlentyOfFish) or a niche market (like TechCrunch). There are many more nicheopportunities, obviously. Either way, as, Rocketboom and allthe other success stories of this age are proving – there is big money to bemade with relatively small-scale operations. Robert Scoble and are after a slice of that action too – and goodluck to them (they’re both Web 2.0Workgroup members btw). I think all of us small bloggers or developers arelooking to grab that brass ring too. It’s all about the Page Views – always wasand probably always will be on the commercial Web. Well to alesser degree, it’s also about the RSS impressions – which are beginning to bemonetized too. In time I expect RSS impressions to be a ‘first class citizen ofcontent’ too, but for now it’s page views that are fueling the new bubble –again.The larger question is: can the online advertising business be sustained atthis level (which we got to thanks mainly to Google)? I don’t know, but a lot ofpeople are enjoying the ride right now – and there are too many brass ringopportunities still out there to get too cynical. Photo: Brian Oberkirch A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Police Discover $11K in Stolen Merchandise after Arrest of ORC Suspects

first_imgThree people from Portland were arrested Monday in Lewis County on suspicion of organized retail theft, according to Centralia police. About 3:15 PM Monday, police were dispatched to the 100 block of West High Street after a report of shoplifting. That area of the city is thick with retailers.After the three were taken into custody, police say they searched their vehicle and found more than $11,000 in stolen merchandise from 16 stores. Most of the merchandise still had the security devices attached, according to police. Two of the suspects are 39, the other is 20, police information… The Olympian Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Android vs. iOS From a Developers’ Perspective

first_imgAre you an iOS developer thinking about dipping your toe into the Android pool? If so, you should read developer Nick Farina’s post about his experience developing on Android after developing on iOS.Farina compares the development environment (he writes that you’ll hate Eclipse at first, but once you get used to it “you’ll enjoy some seriously amazing, productivity-boosting code completion, refactoring, and automatic fixing.”), provides slick side-by-side code comparisons (spoiler: Java and Objective-C look a lot alike) and addresses the fragmentation issue.Farina writes:Not that fragmentation is unique to Android; it’s just exaggerated a lot in the media. We need quite a few iOS devices in our lab too. One tiny unexpected OS or device difference can bring your app crashing down, on any platform.It seems that, once you get used to Eclipse the two platforms are pretty similar. The big differences are testing environments (though both end up requiring physical devices to do real testing) and the UI libraries. Android’s XML-based UI tools make for much easier development, even though it’s just one more thing to learn. But Apple’s GPU support makes for much smoother animation. klint finley Tags:#hack#tips 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Related Posts center_img Why You Love Online Quizzes Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees?last_img read more

PC Refresh Cycles and Windows 7 … what’s the financial connection?

first_imgIt’s understandable that in today’s economy that you might consider pushing out your PC refresh cycle to save cash today.  This is an area of cost cutting that many companies consider so you’re not alone.  But if you have considered, or are considering, pushing out your PC refresh cycle, have you factored in all of the costs that impact that decision?  These costs include the unexpected costs of supporting older machines once the warranty has expired, higher energy costs compared to new machines, and more.    The total cost of ownership starts to increase out in time and will eventually reach a point where it makes more sense to replace your PCs versus continuing to maintain them.  But how do you know what the optimal replacement time is?  And is delaying your refresh really the best financial decision?There are strong financial reasons to refresh PCs now and, with the Windows 7 operating system, there are even stronger reasons to do so with PCs powered by Intel® Core™ 2 processors with vPro™ technology.   Join me for a webcast on Tuesday, December 1st, where I’ll walk  through our analysis on the PC refresh cycle and the framework we use, discuss the true cost of older PCs and how to assess your own PC refresh cycle, and share our experience with Windows 7 as part of the Technical Adopter Program (TAP).  I’ll also be joined by Amy Stephan from Microsoft who will provide more insight into why it makes sense to refresh now and why Windows* 7 and New PCs with Intel® vPro™ Technology are better together.Register now at:;rightCollast_img read more