The importance of guidance and counselling in adolescents’ life

first_imgGuidance and counselling in the modern age have become escalated needs because of a multiplicity of problems that the individual faces in important domains of life. The terms guidance and counselling are used interchangeably. Guidance is a broader term which includes counselling as one of its services. It means help or advice to deal with the complex problems linked with your work, education, personal relationship and making into easier ones. Guidance is regarded as a conceptualized programme of activities that offers a gateway out to the existing problems in the present era of complex scientific and technological developments. The aim of guidance and counselling is to assist behaviour change, enhance coping skills, promote decision making, improve the relationship and to facilitate users’ potential.Guidance and counselling help to recognize and understand about one’s talents and abilities, help to develop an optimistic outlook for removal of undesirable traits, it aids to develop resourcefulness and self-direction in adapting to changes in society. Guidance and counselling earn recognition through their services rendered in enhancing human happiness by being healthier, more productive, attain valuable lesson and also eliminate later stage problems. The major aim of guidance and counselling services is to encourage students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development. These are thus, an integral component of education as well. Guidance and counselling have become very imperative for young children and schools have a massive role in fetching out the best in children, as at today’s time young minds need guidance to polish their personality and also help to attend to the physical, social, psychological, educational and vocational needs of the school students who go a long way to remove impediments of learning.Adolescence is generally considered as a turbulent period and is often portrayed as a negative phase of life-a phase of storm and stress to be survived or endured. This stage is best defined as a critical period in relation to puberty and also considered as a revolution of a person’s life which starts with biological transformation and finished in adjusting with those challenges in the society. Adolescence means ‘to emerge’ to attain ‘identity’ and this way of attaining identity has to go long facing up with challenges as well as changes. During this period a variety of physiological, cognitive, emotional and social changes take place. Adolescence emerges from later childhood and merges into adulthood with sexual maturity, increased hormone levels, desire for more independence, the capacity to think abstractly, escalating interest in peers, distancing from parents due to relationship with peers or outside and the inauguration of a romantic relationship are characteristics of adolescence. These characteristics are like shifting from a child like to be adult-like. The tendency to make innovative discoveries is more frequent in adolescence as compare to childhood because in childhood scope of activity is restricted as a child has fear of guardians or afraid of going far whereas in adolescence they discover superior freedom. Additionally, there is a diverse number of conflicts that adolescents are faced with, such as making decisions about future adult role, identity formation and separating themselves from caregivers.Adolescents require explicit attention. Today, millions of children are addicted to drugs, engaged in various crimes, school dropout, delinquency, attempt suicide, suffer from anxieties and depressions. In spite of rising in literacy rates, the trend of opting the wrong decision or confusing is continuously increasing in children because of the lack of guidance services. At this stage of life, adolescents are packed with multifarious challenges and if these challenges are not resolved, they may go on to become a social misfit in later life. An adolescent on his own may also make use of trial-and-error approach and master the developmental tasks vital for the switch to ideal adulthood but in the practice, they used to waste their precious time that they might spend in learning and knowing further constructive activities and also it would deteriorate their self-confidence and motivation to acquire up tasks that have proved to be hard in doing it. They are not mature enough to critically evaluate baffling situation arising due to these changes around them. Many of these problems not only require remedial treatment but also prominently help from guidance and counselling profession to take preventive efforts. Thus, adolescence becomes challenging as well as a puzzling chapter of lifespan development for those who are facing and also for the parents and adults who are raising and nurturing their children. So to survive this period and get the direction of fulfilling their potential, adolescents require guidance and honest support.Adolescents confront problems which they cannot readily cope with the absence of assistance from their parents, teachers or professionals such as school counsellors. The academic achievement may be one of the determinants of adolescent mental health and as a result, can be associated with the adolescents’ need for guidance and counselling. A school counsellor’s role also becomes sensitive when the ultimate aim is students academic achievement.Teenagers have an important role in society. Today’s young people are the hope, future citizens and leaders of tomorrow; therefore it is necessary to develop aptitude, behaviour and action according to democratic ideals. In India adolescence has a good hold on the population. They will be controlling and running the world someday. Clearly, we need to better understand these challenges and find appropriate solutions. The principle of guidance and counselling in schools is to make progress in academic achievement, increase acquisitions and application of conflict resolution, promote affirmative study attitudes and behaviour and reduce school dropouts of the children. Even at institutions, adolescents have the stress of academic performance, selecting fields of specialization and career as well. Teachers as well as parents choose academic achievement as sole criteria to judge students’ performance. However, it can be a very hard period during which a great deal of understanding, patience and support is required. Modernization has given many positive effects as it is providing so many opportunities, but at the same time, it has remitted into multiple stressors in adolescents’ life. This stress leads to massive mental health problems. It is, therefore, very pertinent that students’ guidance and counselling needs must be known, so that, steps can be taken to make available required support services in this regard to them at an adequate level.last_img read more

UK beef ban end in sight

first_imgMeanwhile, the Commission this week formally suspended all exports of Portuguese beef and cattle, after EU veterinary chiefs endorsed its proposals for a ban. The vets’ failure to endorse a lifting of the embargo means it will be up to EU farm ministers to take a final decision when they meet on 23 November.They are expected to follow the voting pattern set by the vets. With just 5 countries voting against (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria) and two abstaining (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), this would be enough for the proposed relaxation of the ban to go through at ministerial level.Under the proposal, beef from animals born after August 1996, when feeding practices linked to the spread of BSE were outlawed in the UK, would be eligible for export. But officials stress that even if ministers agree to lift the ban, British slaughterhouses will have to be inspected once more before exports can resume. The concensus is that it will be early next year before UK beef arrives on supermarket shelves in mainland Europe.last_img read more

Obama warns UK a post-Brexit trade deal could take 10 years

first_imgBarack Obama said Britain could have to wait 10 years to reach a trade deal with the U.S. if U.K. voters decide to leave the European Union.In an interview with the BBC broadcast Saturday, the U.S. president echoed an earlier warning that the U.K. risked going to the “back of the queue” for a separate free-trade agreement with Washington if it voted to leave the EU at the June 23 referendum.“The U.K. would not be able to negotiate something with the United States faster than the EU,” Obama said, referring to ongoing negotiations on a sweeping transatlantic trade deal. “It could be five years from now, 10 years from now before we were able to actually get something done.” The comments came at the end of Obama’s visit to London, where he said he believed Britain was better off staying in the Union.“We rely heavily on the U.K. as a partner globally on a whole range of issues,” Obama told the BBC. “We like you having more influence, we like you being at the table helping to influence other countries who may not oftentimes see things as clearly from our perspective as our British partners do.” Also On POLITICO 9 takeaways from Barack Obama’s Brexit intervention By Tom McTague Hillary Clinton backs UK in a ‘united’ Europe By Vince Chadwicklast_img read more

No. 9 Florida State women beat Boston College 86-68

first_imgBOSTON (AP) — Leticia Romero’s first career triple-double gave her an extra smile.The Spanish point guard scored 19 points with 11 rebounds and 11 assists to lead No. 9 Florida State to an 86-68 victory over Boston College on Sunday. All three stats were the most since she transferred from Kansas State, and the assists were the most in her college career.“It’s always great to have that. That’s something I look for,” Romero said. “As a point guard, I’m happy when I’m doing my job, involving everybody.”Perhaps too much, coach Sue Semrau said.“She’s generally trying to distribute first,” Semrau said. “She was more aggressive today, for sure.”Adut Bulgak scored 19 points and Maegan Conwright scored 18 for Florida State (25-3, 12-2 Atlantic Coast Conference). It was the third straight win for the Seminoles since losing to then-No. 17 North Carolina on Feb. 12 to snap a nine-game winning streak.Emilee Daley scored 17 for Boston College (12-15, 4-10). Kelly Hughes scored 16 with nine rebounds.The 25th win is the third-most for the Seminoles under Semrau. A victory in the remaining two games would be a school record for the regular season.Florida State scored 19 of the first 23 points in the game and led by as many as 22 points in the first half. Nicole Boudreau hit a pair of 3-pointers down the stretch, and BC held the Irish scoreless for the last 3:10 of the half.The Eagles cut it to eight points on Daley’s 3-pointer to make it 55-47 midway through the second. But Florida State answered with a basket by Conwright and then her 3-pointer to turn back the rally.BC never got within single digits again.HOLDING ONFlorida State had 12 turnovers in the first half, though they resulted in only seven BC points. Semrau told her team at halftime not to get sloppy.“I think we stopped trying to go so fast,” she said.In the second, the Seminoles had six turnovers that led to just two points for the Eagles.THREE AT A TIMEThe Eagles were 10 for 29 from 3-point range in the game, but there were spurts where they were hitting. After BC missed six in a row, Boudreau hit a pair to close the half and then Kelly Hughes made one to start the second.Hughes made two straight as BC cut the deficit to eight points, followed by Daley’s.“Hitting 3s was a key for them,” Romero said.TIP-INSFlorida State: The Seminoles have beaten BC six times in a row since the Eagles won in the ACC tournament in 2010. … FSU was coming off an 81-38 victory over Clemson — the second-biggest ACC win in the program’s history.Boston College: The teams wore pink as part of the Play4Kay effort to raise money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. In addition, the referees had pink whistles. … The game was a makeup of alumni day, which was canceled last week because of snow. Among those honored was former player Clare Droesch, who is recovering from breast cancer.UP NEXTFlorida State hosts North Carolina State on Thursday night.Boston College plays at Louisville on Thursday night.last_img read more

NHL Uniform Matchup’s

first_img Share this post 27,087 posts 2 3,338 posts Posted January 11, 2012 wildwing64 Sign in to follow this   nash61 690 419 Prev Posted January 11, 2012 2 Posted January 12, 2012 Share this post 1,535 1,259 posts Location:Western Hemisphere rmackman 0 Members Members 0 Location:PHX, AZ 2,083 Members 419 135 3,803 11,362 posts All Activity Share on other sites Really, just any Orig6 match up could make this list. Link to post Link to post Posted January 11, 2012 How could they be from different years..this is the first year the Leads have worn that jersey 4,532 posts 1,118 Location:in phone Posted January 11, 2012 Digital Champion 0 27,087 posts SportsLogos.Net By Dexter Morgan, January 11, 2012 in Sports Logo News 135 😛 Page 1 of 3   135 Location:Born in Palo Alto, CA – left immediately for Milwaukee, WI – then Ft. Lauderdale, FL – then Atlanta, GA – back to FL again – then Chicago, IL, now West Palm Beach, FL….it’s a long story…. charger77 Share on other sites 1,664 Prev 0 22,390 posts As much as I complain about the Ducks regular set (more the wordmark than anything else), I always liked the way this uniform looks when matched up against the Red Wings.Yet when the Ducks and Kings are playing each other, unless either team is wearing their third jersey, the two uniforms together look a bit boring. Dexter Morgan Share on other sites 1,716 drdougfresh 0 786 Followers 3 Members Location:So Cal We always have a thread lie this for the NFL…why not the NHL?Best matchup thus far this season in the NHL goes to… “I see you’re drinking 1%” 196 How could they be from different years..this is the first year the Leads have worn that jerseyHe changed them. Link to post Members Share on other sites 1 Connor Hanley 21 Share this post 53 Share this post 3,326 3,803 Share on other sites Location:North Vancouver, British Columbia U of Florida ’03 (Telecomm) – FAU ’08/’14 (MBA/MHA) Posted January 11, 2012 0 987 0 Share on other sites charger77 NHL Uniform Matchup’s charger77 My son also happens to be named Bort! Share this post 224 Sports Logo News BigBubba Link to post 1,716 Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net Share this post Link to post BigBubba Followers 3 Page 1 of 3   nash61 1,535 Members 0 BigBubba Favourite Logos:Wild, Whalers, North Stars, Avalanche 0 Posted January 11, 2012 0 Share this post 53 2,083 0 Share this post rmackman Favourite Logos:Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals, Hartford Whalers BigBubba 0 135 Link to post Share this post Favourite Logos:I like a lot of the logos from the early 90s. My signature is proof of that (and a representation of my favorite teams). zpqmaowl Link to post hockey week Link to post Share this post 1,716 there are some terrible ones in the post above. Colorado, San Jose, and St. Louis do not belong anywhere near this thread.It’s just a post about favorite uniform matchups. To me, I like matchups that provide a lot of color contrast, so that’s what I posted. Next 987 Members 0 Share on other sites 0 Posted January 12, 2012 Members GMW79 Share on other sites 786 Share on other sites Hopelessly Optimistic Detroit Fan zpqmaowl 786 Posted January 11, 2012 We’re on to 2020. 4,132 posts Location:Rutherford, NJ Favourite Logos: 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions Forums Home wildwing64 22,390 posts Share this post Share on other sites Share on other sites 3 2,389 posts 3,803 Share this post Posted January 12, 2012 Favourite Logos:Hartford Whalers Posted January 11, 2012 Posted January 11, 2012 What a train wreck.And the Make Believes need to put the regular sweater’s shoulder-leaf on their alts and make their already classy set as perfect as they can be. 224 15,138 posts 3,326 Link to post 6,700 posts 786 1,716 Link to post NHL Uniform Matchup’s Members 12,229 posts Posted January 11, 2012 Members 5,241 posts Share on other sites 0 2,083 0 Share this post Recommended Posts 1,664 Location:Parts Unknown drdougfresh Next Location:Parts Unknown Posted January 11, 2012 Share on other sites 786 1,664 U of Florida ’03 (Telecomm) – FAU ’08/’14 (MBA/MHA) Remember, guys! It’s ok for the Maple Leafs to wear their blue jerseys, but if the Lightning wear theirs, it’s an abomination!Really? [/TheMiz]All the Little Jimmys who hate the Lightning jerseys just got got. [/RTruth] Posted January 12, 2012 Location:Michigan 21,575 Brass rmackman 0 IceCap 5,765 posts Share this post Remember, guys! It’s ok for the Maple Leafs to wear their blue jerseys, but if the Lightning wear theirs, it’s an abomination! 224 charger77 NHL Uniform Matchup’s Link to post Members Link to post Two of the classiest, most beautiful sweaters in the league… hockey week Skunk Duck Studios 786 Share this post Members Members Share on other sites JQK Morgan33 Connorreah there are some terrible ones in the post above. Colorado, San Jose, and St. Louis do not belong anywhere near this thread. rmackman Link to post I’ll go with a Leafs-Lightning matchup. Two old school teams dressed in their original, traditional sweaters.Or this: Location:Michigan Brass Share on other sites 1,118 1,716 1,716 Share this post 5,241 posts Members Location:Born in Palo Alto, CA – left immediately for Milwaukee, WI – then Ft. Lauderdale, FL – then Atlanta, GA – back to FL again – then Chicago, IL, now West Palm Beach, FL….it’s a long story…. bowld the user formerly known as NJTank Brass Remember, guys! It’s ok for the Maple Leafs to wear their blue jerseys, but if the Lightning wear theres theirs, it’s an abomination!You’re right, people don’t like it when Tampa wear Toronto’s blues 21,575 Moderators Location:Billericay, UK 8,818 posts Posted January 11, 2012 JQK 196 Link to post Link to post Posted January 12, 2012 Brass Location:Chicago Location:Tampa, FL 8,818 posts 419 Link to post 987 Location:in phone I’m surprised no ones mentioned this…Both stellar jerseys in their own right, these look even better facing eachother. Sports Logo News 3,326 Favourite Logos:Johnny Canuck, Hartford Whalers, Lady Liberty, Stinger, Pre-Edge London Knights, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Gators 135 0 53 3,326 Favourite Logos:I like a lot of the logos from the early 90s. My signature is proof of that (and a representation of my favorite teams). Share this post 1,535 Always been a favorite of mine (even though I detest the Hawks):And even though it’s not this year, this is one of my all time faves: the user formerly known as NJTank Share this post Link to post 21,575 Members Posted January 12, 2012 45,948 posts Posted January 12, 2012 Link to post Share on other sites 135 GMW79 690 Share this post 690 bowld We’re on to 2020. 0 We the North! 196 Members Dexter Morgan Morgan33 1,118 Members Members Share on other sites IceCap Sports Logos 3 This topic is now closed to further replies. Go To Topic Listing 0 3,326 Posted January 12, 2012 Connor Hanley Share on other sites 1 4,016 posts 3,326 Share this post Link to post Remember, guys! It’s ok for the Maple Leafs to wear their blue jerseys, but if the Lightning wear theirs, it’s an abomination!Really? [/TheMiz] Sign in to follow this   Members My son also happens to be named Bort! All Activity Link to post Forums Home Location:Calgary AB Canada Sports Logos Share on other siteslast_img read more

Esports Stadium Arlington inks partnership with HyperX

first_imgRELATED: Esports Arena Oakland to close permanentlyThe partnership will ignite on July 11th with the Esports Stadium Arlington’s official reopening. Daily programming such as weekly community tournaments and recreational gaming will line the two weeks following the venue’s doors opening to the public. The daily events will additionally include promotions and HyperX product giveaways for attendees. Esports Stadium Arlington will resume operations in phases with “limited capacity, regular sanitization and stricter health policies.”Jonathon Oudthone, President of Esports Stadium Arlington, commented on the partnership in a release: “Holding the crown as the largest dedicated esports facility in North America comes with tremendous responsibility. It’s extremely important for us to partner with companies that can compliment the excellence and experience we provide to our players and fans. This is why we chose HyperX as the preferred peripherals partner for Esports Stadium Arlington. Their peripherals will allow us to hold true to our nature of offering the best in class products for our competitive and recreational gamers. We look forward to growing this relationship with HyperX.” 10 Sec ESI London – Franchised leagues in esports. CARMAC vs lurppis NextStay ESI London – Franchised leagues in esports. CARMAC vs lurppisNOW PLAYINGThis year in esports- Investments, sponsorships and deals in 2019NOW PLAYINGTEAMS wins The Clutch DigitalNOW PLAYINGHector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGESI Hall of Fame 2019 – #ESIHOFNOW PLAYINGMarcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGHeather ‘sapphiRe’ Garozzo – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGESI London 2019NOW PLAYINGThe best MMOs in 2020NOW PLAYING Arrow Left #1 Icon Created with Sketch. Arrow right #1 Icon Created with Sketch. RELATED: Panda Global collaborates on blue light eyewear with HyperXEsports Stadium Arlington has been home to premier industry events such as FACEIT’s now-defunct Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league ECS and the 2019 edition of the Esports Awards. In January, the venue signed on with the United States Marine Corps in a deal focused on high school and college students in the country.Kitty Nguyen, Esports Sponsorship Specialist at HyperX, added: “HyperX is excited to be the Peripherals Sponsor and providing quality HyperX peripherals to the fans at the Esports Stadium Arlington. HyperX welcomes being part of upcoming online tournaments and events that share a passion for gaming in a dedicated esports facility in Texas.”Esports Insider says: It’s great to see venues starting to open back up after a tumultuous spell brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. Esports Stadium Arlington’s partnership with HyperX and its planned promotions should prove an excellent strategy to welcome attendees back inside its halls after a considerable hiatus.Subscribe to ESI on YouTube Kingston Technology gaming brand HyperX has established a partnership with Esports Stadium Arlington to become the preferred peripheral sponsor of the venue.The deal will outfit Esports Stadium Arlington with HyperX peripherals including headsets, keyboard, mice, controller charging docks, and mousepads, as well as provide the venue with products specifically for fan giveaway opportunities.Photo credit: Esports Stadium Arlingtonlast_img read more

Cleveland’s LeBron James plays better but suffers another tough loss in Utah

first_imgI got tripped. I was going off a screen and (Favors) kind of tripped me, but we were switching pick-and-rolls anyway . . . Tristan (Thompson) laid off him and a little too much and allowed him to get off a look. – LeBron JamesSALT LAKE CITY — Before Wednesday night’s game, LeBron James acknowledged that he’d “lost of lot of games” in Utah and that he was ready for a “bounce-back game” after a poor performance the night before in Portland.James got his bounce-back game with a 31-point performance, but he had to add another close loss in Utah to his list, this one on Gordon Hayward’s buzzer-beater.As he sat in his cubicle in the locker room 15 minutes after the game with a horde of media folks surrounding him, James could only shake his head in disappointment. Someone brought up Sundiata Gaines, who sank a game-winning 3-pointer for the Jazz from almost the identical spot as Hayward in 2010 in a 97-96 win over the Cavs.At least James didn’t have to be reminded about the 2012 loss with Miami when he deferred on a last-second shot, passing to Udonis Haslem, who missed a possible game-winner in a 99-98 loss.This time, James took the game in his hands and nearly led the Cavaliers to a remarkable come-from-behind victory.In the final 12 seconds, James scored six points to tie the score, but he couldn’t do anything about Hayward’s game-winner after getting tripped up by Utah’s Derrick Favors and falling to the floor on the play.Of the last play, James said, “I got tripped. I was going off a screen and (Favors) kind of tripped me, but we were switching pick-and-rolls anyway. … Tristan (Thompson) laid off him a little too much and allowed him to get off a look.’’The new-look Cavaliers came into the game with a 1-2 record, coming off a 19-point loss in Portland the night before, when James admitted afterward that he was too passive. He only took 12 shots and scored just 11 points, only two after the first quarter.James, who spoke before the game about being more aggressive, received the requisite boos and cheers from the sellout crowd, which had its share of No. 23 Cavs jerseys in the building.He had a pretty quiet first quarter with just four points, no rebounds and a pair of turnovers. In the second quarter James started scoring, with five more free throws. He had 15 points by halftime. The most memorable play involving James was Hayward’s block from behind on a fast break. While James was arguing for goaltending, Hayward hustled down and scored a layup at the other end.Afterward, James said he “got it on the board” and asked the officials to review the play at halftime and “they told me after the fact that it was a goaltend. … But those plays happen.”James added eight more points in the third quarter, including a pair of 3-pointers, and nearly forced overtime for his team with his play in the final 12 seconds, but it wasn’t enough.When asked if the Jazz look any different under new coach Quin Snyder, James said no.“They’ve always been a team since I came in the league that move the ball, they move bodies, they share the ball, and they’re going to play hard. That has never changed.’’The losses in Utah haven’t changed either and the King will have to wait another year to see if he can beat the Jazz in Utah. Related Jazz tear down the circus tent ‘Exhilarating’ win for Jazz over Cavs as Gordon Hayward hits buzzer-beater Video: Other moments prepared Jazz, Hayward for game-winning shot against LeBron, Cavslast_img read more

Galway Teams Wins Six Titles At Community Games Connacht Finals

first_imgU/13 Chess Dunmore/Garrafrauns/Kiltevna Galway 5 Kilteevan 0 A great day of sport and competition took place on Saturday when over eighty teams from the five Counties of Connaught took part in the Aldi Community Games Finals hosted by Leitrim in twenty three team events. U/13 Boys Basketball Oranmore/Maree 33 Ballina 15 U/13 Girls BasketballOranmore/Maree 23  Scramogue 6 We especially congratulate all the children from Galway who took part and we offer best wishes to the winners who will now go forward to represent the Province at the Aldi Community Games Final in University of Limerick on the weekend of 25th to 27th May 2018.It was again a grand slam for Galway in the Basketball with Oranmore Maree winning all 5 Competitions, Dunmore/Garrafrauns /Kiltevna winning Gold and Silver in the U/13 and U/16Chess, Claregalway/Lackagh won gold in the U/10 Indoor soccer after AET while Annaghdown won the silver medals in the girls U13 Indoor Soccer. A big congrats to allCheck into Galway Community Games Facebook page and Connaught Community Games Facebook to see photos from the Connaught Finals.2018 Galway Results from Aldi Community Games Connaught Finals hosted by Leitrim.WinnersU/11 Mixed Basketball Oranmore/Maree 15 Castlerea 10 U/10 Boys Indoor Soccer Claregalway Lackagh 1 Aughanagh Sligo 1 AETClaregalway Lackagh won 3 – 2 on Penalties U/16 Boys Basketball Oranmore/Maree 63 Drumcliffe 19 U/16 Girls Basketball Oranmore/Maree 45 Boyle 18 U/16 Chess Manorhamilton 2 ½ Dunmore/Garrafrauns/Kiltevna 1 ½ U/10 Girls Indoor Soccer Strokestown 2 Annaghdown 0print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Galway Community Games wish to thank the Connaught Council of Community Games and the Leitrim Community Games Committee for hosting the event.  Thanks also to all the officials, the governing bodies, schools community centre etc who allowed Community Games organize the various events in their facilities.last_img read more

Armed Robbers Attack Bardnersville Township

first_imgArmed robbers early last Thursday morning attacked Gaye Dukpaye Community in Bardnersville Township, injuring an 18 year-old man and making away with several valuables plus cash. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. in Josiah Estate situated on the fringes of the Bardnersville Housing Estate and adjacent to the Bardnersville Cemetery.The alleged robbers, who were said to be ten in number, fired three rounds from a single barrel gun before breaking into two houses and making away with valuables before police arrived. The wounded were taken to hospital as police launched an investigation, frightened residents said. They broke into the home of Mr. Naisehkar Glauseay, the Quality Assurance Manager at Liberia Revenue Authority (currently on leave in Kenya) before extending their mission to his next door neighbor, Thomas Wesseh Sullie, who has been suffering from hypertension for the last several years. “I’m glad that nothing happened to me,” he said.The robbers looted a large flat screen TV, a lap top, clothes and other valuables from the Glauseay house and took an unspecified amount of cash in Liberian and United States dollars from Wesseh’s home, before injuring his 18-year-old son, Thomas Wesseh Sullie, Jr on his chest with a machete. Sullie, Jr is a senior at the Canterbury Episcopal High School in Bardnersville.“They did not really come to us,” Wesseh explained. “They came to Mr. Glauseay’s house, but because we were shouting rogue, rogue, they got angry and attacked us.”Wesseh said the robbers broke into his house through the back door. “They took away the school’s money my wife brought home because she is the registrar at Watt Daycare School in Bardnersville. Then, they cut my son on the right side of his chest.” T-Wee, as Wesseh is popularly called, is a former Executive Mansion employee who was downsized and later suffered a stroke in the aftermath almost a decade ago. He has not fully recovered. He said one of the attackers recognized him. “The Papay is sick. Let us leave him and go,” he quoted one of the robbers as saying.“I thank God that we did not lose a life. These guys were armed with single barrel guns. We need to reactivate the vigilante group to protect ourselves like we have done in the past,” advised T-Wee.Meanwhile Glauseay in a telephone conversation from Nairobi, Kenya, said “I hope the attack did not target me. Because they came directly to me, according to information and that alone is worrisome. I am equally horrified like the rest of my neighbors.”Police, who are reportedly investigating the incident, took away three empty single barrel shells and a statement from victims and community members. The community chair, Benedict N. Broplen, said they are particularly angry with the LNP which failed to come to their rescue in time, when called upon.Community residents are said to be in extreme fear. Besides petty theft, no incident of armed robbery has occurred in the Gaye Dukpaye Community for the last 25 years, residents said. “The whole community is scared and discussing the situation. This kind of thing has never happened here before,” Wilvena G. Dweh, a student journalist said.“I’m shocked and worried,” said community vice chairperson Col. Elizabeth Harmon of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.Chairman Broplen said he will call a general meeting to galvanize the community youth to reorganize the community night watch team.“We have to get on our feet to protect our community,” Abbas J. Gbollie, the community youth chair added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brunch Added at the Lamplight Lounge

first_imgShare This!Weekends at Disney California Adventure are looking up with a brand new brunch offering being available at the Lamplight Lounge. Brunch will be served on Saturdays and Sundays from park opening until noon in the downstairs dining room and will feature unique dishes and cocktails all with a great view of Pixar Pier.Lamplight Lounge Brunch options will include:French Toast with cinnamon-brown sugar challah bread, Irish cream whip, maple syrup, and macerated berries garnished with a crunchy piece of house-made almond brittleThe Brunch Burger, which features a grilled custom burger blend served with American cheese, one egg, roasted green chile, lettuce, and paprika aïoli on a toasted Amish bun.The Crab and Potato Cake Benedict which comes with sautéed spinach, soft poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise, and fresh fruitThe Egg White Frittata Bake features hen of the woods mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, roasted peppers and onions, smoked salmon, goat cheese sour cream, avocado, and confit potatoes©DisneyPotato Flautas which are made with plant-based chorizo, vegan piquillo crema, serrano-tomatillo salsa, arugula salad, and escabèche.Lamplight Chilaquiles will feature house-made tortilla chips with cheddar-jack cheese, two eggs, queso fresco, red onions, cilantro-serrano sour cream, and sliced avocado, topped with a 3-chile red sauce and pepitas©DisneyNew York Avocado Toast with sourdough, avocado mash, New York Steak, one egg, piquillo-butter sauce, arugula salad, pickled red onions, and confit potatoes©DisneyFor kids, they can choose from a Brunch Quesadilla or an Omelet (both served with egg whites and cheddar-jack cheese), a smaller portion of the Indulgent French Toast, or a Mini Brunch Burger.©DisneyAs far as beverages are concerned, adults will be able to enjoy things like the Beermosa with blood orange IPA and fresh orange juice and a Cinnamon Toast Cocktail with vanilla vodka, hazelnut and cream liqueurs, and cinnamon cereal-infused milk. There’s also the Morning Glory comes with vodka, spicy Bloody Mary mix, dill pickle brine, and a dash of celery bitters. You’ll also be able to try a variety of seasonal flavors with the Mimosa Flight, featuring classic orange juice mimosas as well as versions with mango, watermelon, and more!To book your Lamplight Lounge Brunch reservations, call 714 781-DINElast_img read more