The three key elements of the establishment of the enterprise

The first is the content of the website

is the second web design. The visual organ than other sensory organs is relatively developed, relying on visual access external information information accounted for 70% of the total, human memory is mostly strong visual information received. General visitors to browse web pages of words, first of all to remember is shown by the design of "image, so it is best to design a unique, clear and understandable" image.

website content, web design and website is the establishment of the enterprise. read more

The search engine how to judge the website of Shanghai dragon cheating

recently love Shanghai update on Shanghai Longfeng studied very strict, many of the station was drop right, site: is not the first, website snapshot of the back phenomenon, although my station is not serious, but a lot of keywords ranking has declined in recent years, some of my words have been guaranteed in the before three, now suddenly dropped a lot, some say the daily operation is not standard, some say a lot of cause, some say love Shanghai recent adjustment, a good, no matter what the reason is, why do some sites ranked no change, some rankings and improved, the reason is still we own, affirmation and optimization of relationships may establish external links also exist some problems, but from their own first crawl, I feel my station, some suspected of cheating The suspect, below I say let search engine operation we identified some cheating, including Shanghai and noble love baby, I hope to help you. read more

Change a link aimed at imperceptible Links flicker Art

! !

, for example, if your site is PR 3, now a man said his website is legal compliance PR5, love Shanghai snapshot normal website, he wants to change the link and you, you checked with webmaster tools, found that as he said, this will link to you change?! I believe you will change, because you think this site than your high weight, you earn

Links flicker method? Personally, must pay attention to the time, after the change of the link, especially for the WWW without top-level domain links, a > read more

HCC how to make new Shanghai recording and continuous collection of love

how to make the site was recorded first, love Shanghai faster, your site is hung up? Of course, should have no dishes and so far the webmaster webmaster enthusiasts. HCC always think this spider is very humane, but also need to pay the feelings to seduce spider to read your website data. Therefore, in order to love Shanghai site is included can start from the following aspects, of course, there is no guarantee that your site will be included.

(5) to improve the quality of the web page.

(1) to submit your site to love Shanghai. read more

My website makes money and looks goodBlink League, please also a fair justice

, just contact the website alliance, is blind to what a curious, even shlf1314 shlf1314 ads also apply, but they give reply is a new station less than 6 months, but I did not care, because we really are a new ah, was thinking to flow up then apply for.

recently stumbled on see advertising with the VOGATE macro field in this paper, just know that properly add keyword advertising for website design plays a certain aesthetic effect, and more new advertising circles in the VOGATE macro in the creation of a FALSH game demo, not what the difference like other websites and FLASH games, and remove the mouse, doesn’t affect the reading effect ". So, I went for the VOGATE macro keyword advertising, simply designed several key words, again put on the ad, feeling okay, did not expect that over time, the VOGATE macro circles should inform I can get the money, I really happy, know is certainly because of the interactive website so bringing traffic increase. Ha ha, if you are interested, you can also go to the VOGATE macro forum to see the effect. read more

On the Google search results from the index database or remove content

(2) 404 or 41>

therefore, to remove content from the Google index library, then these content links have to be spider crawling, the content link robots file cannot be shielded, can be processed through the following 3 ways:

through the introduction above, it is to illustrate the content of Google removed from the index database and removed from search results, are two different concepts; removed from the content of the index library is certainly not displayed in the search results, but removed from the search results in the content, may exist index database in, it will affect our effective index of the amount of statistics on the website. read more

Case analysis the update frequency is not correct the site right down

before This is the weight of

please indicate the source!

can be seen from above, when 15, actually most of the words are different degrees of decline, resulting in 19 even drop weight! And then gently and wonder what went wrong, turn the love Shanghai statistics read, analysis found No. 15 index of the amount actually soared

!After The main reason for the

found that when I come back from this Monday, a target keyword on my website actually fell to the one hundred outside (the source of traffic to our website most is to rely on the words, now lost, crying dead) read more

Drop the car right portal Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis after only three months to restore weight 5

diagnosis and to execute the proposal, not long after the weight began to rise:

this question, the webmaster very puzzled, so they were about half a month, the results were observed in the observation site or not recovered traces. And the reason, then the owners found the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team and cooperation of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, after finally know the reason: the site is not the love of Shanghai It is without rhyme or reason. punishment, but because the Shanghai dragon is not good at cheating, resulting in incorrect optimization and don’t know, causing serious problems to the website at present, the site is down right! Only after less than three months time, the weight began to recover in 5 weight, more gratifying: website not only restore the weight, webmaster from Shanghai Longfeng proposal to enhance the diagnosis ability, coupled with the A5 team Shanghai Phoenix guide is a stone carving of three read more

Analysis of several different cases of the site being punished phenomenon

first: optimization excessive punishment. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster to Shanghai dragon is the only method as optimization Website optimization, so often there will be site optimization excessive, leading to the site being punished, for such sites, search engine will give what kind of punishment? First, the site was plucked, a search engine update site included will be a lot less, this phenomenon is the site to be plucked, and it is also the site optimization excessive punishment. Second, reduce the number of site outside the chain, often in the forum to see the webmaster asked why his site outside the chain to reduce thousands, then you should think about is their optimization is not excessive, this is a site is down right, or pay attention to optimization efforts. Third, keywords ranking drop, in order to improve the keywords ranking, the number of keywords in the site appears a lot, often lead to the existence of excessive phenomenon of optimization, keywords declined, to query keyword density is too high, so as not to be punished cannot recover. read more

A webmaster robots.txt personal experience of pain

why did this happen? The reason is that it robots do when the site is completely shielding love Shanghai spiders crawl. We know for a fact! Is that when you wrote the rules; shielding when spiders love Shanghai, love can be found in Shanghai would grab. The reason is very simple, love Shanghai impossible as intelligent. So he will shield you spider to grab. But you also don’t panic! So over time the love of Shanghai will have been caught, but the page shielding page of your robots file; he will be removed from the index database, love Shanghai will also have a process of discovery; to correct and error correction. read more