Why has the group’s valuation declined The advantage is no longer, enemies everywhere, burn the blam

Abstract: it is undeniable that the United States in 2012 in the field of film, in 2013 in the hotel sector, in 2014, in the field of takeaway, have achieved good results. But now, multi line, and blindly burn the war constantly on the run and beauty group, has become increasingly powerless, also had the inevitable decline in valuation.

July, the United States round of E round of financing $1 billion, valued at $150 in news of the United states. However, within a short span of two months, the United States mission has been lowered for two consecutive times. At present, the U.S. group valued at about 10 billion U. S. dollars. Has boasted that the domestic O2O first group, China Internet fourth class mission, why the decline in the value of read more

Three major U.S. host comparison

this article mainly carries on the simple contrast to three American hosts Godaddy, hostmonster, Lunarpages, hoping to have some reference value to the friend who wants to buy the American host computer.

first, let’s talk about the benefits of American hosts:

one, without filing. Although now the filing system in 2007 that improved a lot for the waiting period is not previously so long, but you can ensure that your site will be through the record? Sometimes they worked hard for months to set up the site, taking a sentence: there is no record of your website! Turn off. read more

Within two months, ‘ve built a network experience at the P1 million QQ station!

, my online career, and fondly remembers my two months to build the 10 thousand IP QQ station,

first review the history, contact the network in August 2001, that is, the first day of the entrance exam, the students belt, I and the dormitory with several other students came to the Internet bar. I’ve never touched a computer before. I don’t know what the Internet is. I don’t know anything about the computer operation. I don’t even know how to turn on the computer. I remember we were surrounded by four or five students around a computer. Look at Professor Lin, sit in the middle and explain the operation. The other people in the Internet bar looked at us like monsters. Lin contacts computers relatively early. Often say in front of us hacker what, what overflow can invade, and so on. And he was chatting online, soaking up a little sister in Guangzhou. So Lin is the best player in our mind. On the first day of the entrance examination, we asked him to take us to the Internet cafe. After watching the forest operation for some time. Each of us asked for a computer. But I can’t handle it. Because the heart has no concept at all. I looked at Lin. sometimes I double click the mouse. Sometimes click the mouse. Just don’t know when to double-click, when to click and open the IE window, also do not understand, to close. And he said also so I see things in disorderly fashion, severely disorderly point 1. Open countless windows and cause crashes. I remember when Lin entered a chat room. Blue sea silver sand chat room, his little sister is in the chat room to soak. So I have to go in. You can’t type when you enter the chat room. I have to play english. And I don’t know much english. Make a mess of. Feeling out of touch, out of the chat room. The second contact with the computer is to check the results of the college entrance examination. I ran to the Internet cafe by myself. Shouted for the network administrator to turn on the computer. Only a moment later found out. Other people open their own computers. Blush… I feel like I’m out of fashion. Called the network management to help find out the results of the college entrance examination, hurriedly left the Internet bar. Fraction。。 Undergraduate, professional financial management. read more

Thinking about websites not being collected by Baidu

half a month ago, I built a new station to station literature, the date of every day in Baidu, Google and other search engines in site:klreading.com, but once again let me down, time past half a month, according to my previous experience site, Baidu is new on top degree which is three days to seven days, no more than a week, but this is not the same, which makes me very panic, scratching during solution, so the Internet to find information, inadvertently found this SEO article, I really hate SEO especially those so-called master SEO don’t talk, also read a lot of articles that are similar but SEO, this article written in very real feeling around for everyone to see! read more

Talk about my website was quickly collected by Baidu experience

I published a first release last time. My kung fu nets mentioned above are successful in a day. SEO at random, let us see the website’s collection. Get up in the morning, just 3 days, a few hours, Baidu included me, I was 25 site, and we do not believe that you can enter the above domain name check. Here, I have to suspect that those who previously called online filing difficult, difficult to collect comrades who do?.

1. in Baidu and major search engines have submitted a web site, I do not know if there is no effect, it should still have some effect. read more

Re understanding of web color, new technology and new design

excellent web design will always impress users, an excellent web page, and excellent color matching. Now the times are different, and the definition of colors has also become personalized and diversified. However, the use of color plays a key role in web design, and successful websites often use successful color matching.

everyone has his own understanding of color, and some people think that the blue color of the site is clean, and the green color of the site is full of vitality, while red is festive. Therefore, we must re – understand the color of web pages objectively, and have new web design in new technology. read more

Content strategy Enterprise Station retain traffic another magic weapon

said the operation strategy of enterprises, many optimization staff will only do the chain, do rankings, but with the traditional enterprise station website is not the same, it does not care too much about how the keywords ranking, it is about how many really came to your site traffic, and eventually left how much. Enterprises can not blindly use the data to speak, high ranking does not mean that traffic is good, then in the day-to-day operations, how to optimize the flow of traffic control personnel, to enhance their access depth, read more

Facing the fierce competition of Web site operators have to also need to know

there is an old saying: Zhiyizhibi, before being victorious. The same face, now a fierce website operation, whether personal site or large site, want to let their website long-term normal operation, forever. Of course, the need to make the site forever, just thinking in the brain is useless, the key lies in the implementation of the implementation. At the same time also need attention of your opponent, do known he know, can let you win in the competition to add more points to grasp. For web site operators, personally think that success is always concerned about the opponent’s dynamic, everything is possible or is a panoramic view of the impending changes, but also need to understand their competitors do, so that we can smoothly under the condition of rapid success. However, for the current personal Adsense, want to successfully run the website, the need is no longer simply adhere to and adhere to. On the basis of persistence, we should add one more item, that is, to find out our own strength and find out the strength of our opponents. If we want to Sina, NetEase, such as the site as an opponent, then it is undoubtedly in the egg bones, idle, nothing to do. Web site operators also need to do have itself, so as to make you steadily in the rain. read more

Aunt it a APP how to capture 60 million women’s heart

"if Wang Feng and Nicky Wu came to the big aunt at the same time, who would be more prone to dysmenorrhea?"

"of course is Wang Feng! Because he often wear tight pants!"

Singles Day is coming, and "big aunt" is burning.

, a popular science animation called "aunt came here", was quickly launched on the Internet as soon as it was launched. As of press time, the total amount of total video playback network is about to break 30 million times.

this girl around the "big aunt" issues of female physiology health science animation, with no funny sell adorable integrity style, being touted in the girls in the circle, and even become a single chase the goddess "must see god". As the micro video behind the scenes, the management of APP "aunt" again become the focus of attention of Internet start-ups. read more

n 2008, the student stationmaster’s experience summarizes, shares with everybody

in the twinkling of an eye, 2008 has passed 1 months. I become the so-called "stationmaster" has almost 1 and a half years in the past, just contact do stand, for a top-level domain and sorrow, for a free space around the application for dozens of IP, and now finally a tread on air, the station, the monthly income just enough living expenses.


summary below, students do stand, I think the following aspects:

1, select domain name and space. Domain name preferred COM, although COM more expensive than 50 yuan, but always feel COM look relatively cool, like a regular station. For example, my www.pipi5.com is now updated every day Baidu included once, but it does not increase the included pages, from 24 to now has been 1 pages. Although now Baidu, whether it is for COM or CN, it is more and more difficult, but the intention to do, it will certainly be recognized by Baidu, which can be assured. When it comes to space, believe that every webmaster have used free space, free space after all has its weakness, safety assurance, program components may have certain limitations, not easy to do, maybe one day free space station, you hung up. So, this suggest to buy the Almighty space, the beginning of the word 100M is about the same, now a lot of 100M all is 100 to 200 yuan, spent 100 yuan to buy a safe space, lest the day passed bile. read more