The implementation of the nternet phone color management approach shall be allowed to permit

has been in the gray area of the Internet and telephone betting lottery, and finally ushered in the legalization and standardization of the day. In October 9th, the Ministry of Finance issued a formal implementation of the "Interim Measures" telephone sales of lottery management and "Internet sales of lottery management procedures", approval management, on the Internet and telephone sales of lottery sales management, financial management, safety management mode made clear. Of course, the relevant units to the right and proper business network and telephone sales of color business premises also need the approval of the treasury.

phone network sale of color hero

it is reported that in August this year compared with the release of the draft, the two official version of the "Interim Measures" little change: phone sale of color phone consignment cooperation unit, the registered capital of not less than 10 million yuan, the network sale of color in cooperation with the Internet consignment of registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan; whether the sale of color or telephone the network sale of color, are subject to the approval of the Ministry of finance; the only limit lottery, I use the lottery betting account. The Interim Measures also prohibit the sale of lottery tickets in any way connected with the Internet to sell lottery tickets. The threshold for the sale of color registered capital is relatively high, which will make the past hundreds of websites selling lottery scene to become a history, a number of small sites will no doubt be out.

no longer banned

together to buy lottery tickets

in the previous draft, together to buy lottery tickets were banned: "Internet consignment shall not provide buy, paid and paid by service recommendation no.". And in October 9th announced a formal approach, there is no longer a rigid requirement. The industry believes that the "buy" should be granted by the Ministry of finance, and paid compensation, recommendation No. shrink services, due to some people use this means of fraud, so the estimation of the Ministry of finance will not suddenly let go of this hole, the near future is expected to also be clear.

unified management system appears

in addition, the Interim Measures also provides that two national lottery centers need to build their own Internet sales lottery management system". This system has two functions of management and sales, all lottery registration information, purchase information, capital storage and bonus allocation, will be completed on the platform. This will completely change the status quo, the current Internet lottery sales companies, the above information is stored in their own platform, there are many unsafe factors.

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