Ganji CEO Yang Haoyong how entrepreneurial snatched from the jaws of death

              how to survive a crisis again and again, making the right decisions at a key node is the most common challenge for every entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial cycle.

During the period of

from 2001 to 2004, Yang Haoyong has worked for a number of high-tech companies located in the Silicon Valley, was the core of the development of network security equipment company in the world’s largest Juniper Networks as system experts, have a steady and not too tired to work, with a high salary…… It can be imagined that if you stay in the development of foreign countries, Yang’s future life is very comfortable, but he chose to return to business. Yang Haoyong very frankly said: in fact, just go abroad, it is intended to come back later, at that time, just want to go out to see, long experience, learn something, and then come back to do something."

is such a simple mind, let the young people hesitate to return in the winter of 2004, with a hitherto unknown passion to join in the Internet business in the tide, just one week of time, fix company registration, office rental, staff recruitment and other matters, and a late startup employee program, riding a bicycle around Beijing university campus, around the dormitory flyers…… Hence the "", the Chinese the largest and most active local life information portal.

Most of the

technical background of CEO is not very talkative, but obviously Yang Chung do not belong to the class, he is easy-going, frank and unassuming, recalling the entrepreneurial process over the last 5 years, a few degrees Yang is always subtle snatched from the jaws of death, tone, but the listener can feel the thrilling clear, a life-and-death matter.

borrowed $100 thousand

Leo I, small bones have restlessness. When I was a college student, I went to the cinema with my classmates. In the Graduate School of science and technology, I also do the New Oriental book agency. In 1997, a lot of people will be a thousand dollars a month wages, and I was able to earn ten thousand dollars a month.

in June 2004, the Silicon Valley has a lot of people in the business, they have influence in the United States I also eager to find someone to borrow 100 thousand dollars, but the parents that I want to come back to business, they are strongly opposed, worried: if things don’t make money also lost how to do? At that time the domestic salary is not so high, I can find the monthly salary of about twenty thousand of the work, in that case, I also have 100 thousand dollars for several years! And will not come into this industry. But look at my desire is very urgent, parents give me a suggestion: let me wait for 6 months to see if you really want to do it again.

at that time my idea was to copy the nation’s largest classified information website, Craigslist, to China

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