Webmaster network daily broadcast 60% buy network into a dead station Facebook access users decline

1 Fujian authority to shut down illegal websites 226 canceled filing information of 78 thousand and 900

Communication Management Bureau of Fujian province at the audit site 36 thousand and 800, the cancellation of the information site for the record 78 thousand and 900, shut down illegal websites 226, the website record rate and record information accuracy to maintain the leading position in the same level of the province in the national website access volume.


Fujian authority to shut down illegal websites 226 cancellation record information 78 thousand and 900

2 60% buy site has become dead stop: discount range rose to

has entered a period of protracted war clearance group purchase. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in May this year, although the group purchase sales of 1 billion 770 million yuan rose slightly in 4.7%, just over a year, the total number of group purchase website back to the beginning of the scale, in May only 2996, of which more than 60% is no longer the real operation, industry has entered the second round of the knockout stage.

according to the group 800 data show that Chinese industry group purchase for the first time in April experienced a non off-season market size fell 2.4% after the May overall sales increase of 4.7%, reaching 1 billion 770 million yuan, a total of 124 thousand businesses opened, 40 million 62 thousand people hold together to buy.


in terms of sales growth, but is willing to continue to do the business of buying fewer sites. According to the statistics group 800, the active group purchase website was only 2996, compared with April once again reduced 56, while in the same period last year, the group purchase industry has up to 4500 sites, and in April last year, the new site number is 262. It is worth noting that the capacity of the group has dropped 7 consecutive months.


60% buy site has become dead stop: discount range rose to 30 percent off

3.Instagram success: "greed" is the biggest taboo


1 billion U.S. dollars sold to Facebook, sounds like astronomical, even if the roll, Instagram is not worth the money. But it did. And if there’s one more thing to say, "Instagram is not greedy". Yes, you can understand even in the face of 1 billion dollars, Instagram feel is not what, they just think of it, "not" not overdo sth. "too greedy"


Instagram burst for a long time in the iOS theory into the Android fire, it just walked. But this process they bungled fighters for a long time. Of course, along with the advent of Android, it is beyond imagination download!

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