Comsenz official forum cannot be opened for unknown reasons


is an ordinary web enthusiasts, tonight I am as usual to find information on the, in just ten minutes I saw a scene like this big website, the whole process of failure, fortunately I have recorded the whole process, I think regardless of the what are the cause of the incident is worth pondering, the official reason given is the server problems lead off the net, but I think not so simple, please follow me to see


the evening of December 2, 2009 19:20 or so, the domestic well-known Web application service company Comsenz official forum, can not be opened, when I landed at about 19:20 cannot open, while landing at around 25 open this page:


about 30 minutes or so after the open screen:


At the same time,

and UCHOME Shengqi Kang’s official website can not be opened, the page is to jump to the wrong page: the following is GIF:



then there are about 40 points in this open forum when the page is like this:


feels like it’s been hung up, and then in 45 minutes or so, it turns out that the page reads the following text:

due to irresistible reasons, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi telecommunications room, most of the server is off the network, resulting in a number of sites lost contact with the outside world, we also have been implicated, now we are recovering the morning database backup to Beijing area, please visit later.

screenshot below:


as of press time (December 2, 2009 21:00) official forum still can not open! Please pay attention to the latest developments in this matter!

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