Google released a new social search service allows users to rank the site


Google’s new "+1" social search service features

March 31st news, according to foreign media reports, Google announced at the Google Labs website, will launch a search service called "+1" social network search engine, allowing the user to recommend useful search results, and on the basis of love users and their friends, the new row of fixed site ranking.

users who use this feature must register a Google account, and use the social circle and content tab to select friends and contacts to share information. The move will change the way people use Google search engine, but also shows that Google is aware of Facebook and other social networks pose a potential threat to it, and hopes to expand the booming Internet advertising business.

Google search engineer Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts) said, Google’s "social search service, allows users to set up an online network of friends, open recommended sites, so that Google search keywords in the input box, these sites can be ranked in a prominent position.

sources said that one of the ultimate goal of the project is to improve the ranking of users think more useful search results. Katz said that the company is studying how to use +1 recommendation as a basis for ranking".

, however, does not replace the new search algorithm based on mathematical algorithms Google traditional search results. Katz said that the future of users and their friends can improve the ranking of certain keywords search results. Outgoing Google CEO Eric · Schmidt, last fall has said it will increase the social layer in the service".

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