The lawyer suspected PPC injection sued Baidu case trial again yesterday

Shenzhen lawyer Huang Weiling

sued Baidu PPC fraud "in November 3rd in Beijing City, Haidian District court hearing.

case the origin of Shenzhen lawyer Huang Weiling suspected Baidu Inc competitive ranking click amount of water, requiring Baidu to provide specific details of the consumer refused to bring a lawsuit. The case, which began last August, has lasted more than a year.

Huang Weiling filed a lawsuit against

, Baidu Inc under the jurisdiction on the case the right to dissent, that should be in the Beijing Haidian District court, Shenzhen Futian court jurisdiction objection is not established, and Baidu Inc refused to accept an appeal to the court of Shenzhen, in February 18th 09, the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court to conduct a public hearing after the ruling, the case transferred to the court of Haidian District treatment in Beijing city.

November 3rd trial lasted 4 hours, from half past one PM to half past five, Baidu’s attorney in the trial of the three. However, until the hearing the day before five p.m., the plaintiff Huang Wei received a phone call brought to the Haidian District court, said Baidu does not require a public hearing, the court after a collegial panel discussion, the final decision to support the request of Baidu, but not to the interpretation of "public trial" reason.

Huang Weiling said that since September 2005, he signed a contract with Baidu in Shenzhen, a proxy to buy Baidu’s PPC advertising service. 2007, Huang Wei found that the click through rate is also maintained at a certain amount, but the advertising online time greatly reduced, consulting telephone also significantly reduced. November 2007, Huang Wei and Baidu (China) Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch signed a service contract. Just a few days, the situation has improved, but from the middle of the beginning, there was a 12 noon to the afternoon of 1 on the "excessive consumption" and advertising off the situation. Even if the increase in the amount of consumption, but the situation has not improved.

Huang Wei brought some strange feeling to buy a set of "anti malicious click software", the statistical results but let Huang Weiling be startled at. Huang Weiling introduced in June 23, 2008 as an example, Baidu consumer records show "Shenzhen lawyers" click 14 times, but "prevent malicious click software display" no "Shenzhen lawyer" is a word on the record. Click on the record is not set on the "patent fees in Hongkong", "Shenzhen Huatai plastic factory. In the subsequent monitoring, Huang Wei also found that some similar to Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Divorce ‘,’ Shenzhen TV ‘and other original and its key words are also included in the free charge.

Huang Weiling suspect that this is a deliberate attempt to set up Baidu’s malicious consumption phenomenon. Then in August last year, the network service contract dispute, will sue the Baidu (China) Co., Ltd and the Baidu (China) Co., Ltd Shenzhen branch to the Futian District court, requesting the court to order the Baidu Inc to open consumer details, fraud of a formal apology and compensation for the loss of his total of 40 thousand yuan.


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