2008 will be a bumper year for the CDN Market

with the advent of the Olympic Games, CDN companies are moving from behind the scenes to the front desk. Large portal website, video content provider, Olympic Games Network support…… Behind the enterprise that provides large-scale network content, there is the shadow of CDN service provider. They use CDN technology to provide web site to accelerate the product, so that users can get information at a faster rate all over the country.

CDN business survey shows that since last year, the CDN industry is entering a period of accelerated development. One of the original customer flow and the expansion of the scale of CDN services is increasing in demand; on the other hand, a large number of new customers into the demand of CDN service field, they give the development of CDN market has brought new impetus.

market research shows that the current CDN market is still in the early stages of development, CDN technology and the market are facing recognition, popularity of such a market development problems. In the United States, such as the development of the Internet industry is more mature countries, CDN services penetration rate reached more than 80%, while China is only about 5%–8%. The development of CDN market is closely related to the development of China’s Internet industry, China has a large number of various types of websites, but the proportion of large sites is very small. For small and medium-sized website, do not pay enough attention to the difference of the access speed and area, and is sensitive to the increase in the cost, they often rely on increasing bandwidth, using double access and other ways to solve the problem of speed. CDN technology can not give them an advantage, which is also an important reason for the lack of market awareness CDN. Customer focus, service provider concentration is an important feature of the CDN market. A large number of large portals, video sites, online games company is a major provider of CDN service providers, while the size of the CDN revenue in the top three companies accounted for more than 70% of the share of the CDN market.

Olympic Games on the CDN market is a major opportunity, but also will become the trend of CDN technology popularization, Internet companies are fully aware of the beginning. At the same time, the application of the Olympic Games is a test for China’s CDN technology. In this market, chinacache, ChinaNetCenter, dnion is entering the leader earlier, with strong technical and market advantages, the market competition is the first group. At the same time, some companies with strong IDC business strength and market experience, such as century Internet is also actively deployed, hoping to occupy a place in the CDN market. Application of the Olympic Games to accelerate the development of the CDN market, but also to increase the intensity of competition. It is reported that several large CDN service providers are actively preparing for the Olympic Games, the Olympic content to provide network acceleration. For example, the emperor has been associated with Sohu, Phoenix, international online and other cooperation, to provide them with the Olympic content network to accelerate support.

According to market research, consulting

, in 2007 the scale of the domestic CDN market is about 800 million yuan. According to the figures of the parties, 08 years of market size will achieve greater growth, reaching more than 1 billion 500 million yuan. CDN is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years

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