Niuniu how to use the nternet to easily earn thousands of yuan

he said: usually we have a lot of people go to the cafe, we all know that most of the Internet cafes in order to consume entertainment, he found that there are two types of Internet cafes: a class of people, in order to see the movie, QQ chat. One kind of person, is to play the game. While playing the game accounted for 80% of the others accounted for only $20%. As long as we can reasonably use Internet cafes resources, you can easily earn big money.

he did not have a high degree of education, there is no good background, there is no broad contacts, he is only a secondary school student, because the family Riqung, can not afford to buy a computer, so he often ran to the Internet cafes. He is a fan of the game, what games are playing. After work every day, went to Internet cafes, once in browsing the web, inadvertently opened the "game" agent ", he saw a headline that the easy web games, the monthly income of 10000 yuan, the accident found, let him earn million yuan per month. He found a lot of related agents on the Internet, he found a lot of operators are free to provide an automatic update of the game channel maintenance, as long as we go to the promotion, you can profit. He spent the night, some of the registered account in QQ space.

soon, he borrowed two thousand dollars from his colleagues, to find a local Internet company to help him create a website. Content is very simple: it can be said to be a single page, only a home page, and then for the current web game to do a number of classification, the link chain to their own agents to join the game channel. Some friends may ask, two thousand dollars so expensive? Is not the case, the $two thousand includes a year maintenance costs.

just started, in a friend’s introduction, in Ali mother to buy traffic, many times to buy, he found that a day IP ten thousand site, although one day to not on the 10 ip. He decided to give up buying fake traffic".

because he and the Internet cafe is very familiar with the network, usually like to find them together to drink. One night, he talked with the network manager to do their own thing to do. The network manager said: there have been done before the movie station with their Internet cafes, a month to give us 300 dollars advertising money. This year, there is no cooperation, and now the boss to browse the home page to Baidu. He decided to consult with the boss tomorrow…

two set advertising prices for Internet cafes: a total of more than and 240 computer, all set the front page, the price is 300, the monthly. Season 1000. He took 1000 dollars from the bank, got to give the money to the network.

collaboration for the first month:

1 site daily user views in the 2000

2 registered number = 10% per person per day via your advertising link

3 online games for more than 2 hours the number of people = 50% = *1 yuan per person per day / person = $100

4 recharge players online games for more than 2 hours the number of people = 5% per day, *10> = 5

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