Uber a cross-border electricity supplier do cross-border foreign goods business paramita


] February 1st news billion state power network, new ways of travel field of APP following a call helicopter, emerge in an endless stream, a call CEO, a call rowed play, Uber was in the car to sell goods.

learned billion state power network, January 30th, Uber and cross-border electricity supplier in Hunan Changsha paramita global purchase to achieve cross-border cooperation, Uber provides 8 bus carrying thousands of overseas goods Uber car, in the afternoon 13 points to 17, 5 consecutive whole point, provide 10 seconds to grab the goods for successful call by users. Hand speed snatch Uber car and foreign goods, to provide 60 seconds in the 100 thousand Zhang Manjian paramita global purchase opportunity coupons.  


in the car user snatch foreign goods

for this cooperation, Uber Changsha market leader Rica said, although the two companies in different areas of the Internet, but both user groups are highly consistent, high quality of life and the pursuit of the spending power of the young white-collar workers, two mobile Internet business development blueprint and shared similar brand values, so the "qiweixiangtou, hit it off".  


user snatch foreign goods

when asked why the choice Changsha as for cross-border cooperation with the city of Uber, about market leader Lei Tingting pointed out that in addition to the couch because the entertainment atmosphere, but also because of Changsha and the whole of Hunan contains a powerful sea Amoy consumption potential.


, with the increase in demand for consumer upgrades, outside the first tier cities and coastal developed areas, the central region of the user’s increasing consumption of sea Amoy consumer. But the data show that since December last year, the central region of the user growth rate was significantly higher than in other regions, the price remained at around 500 yuan. The central region of the user enthusiasm in the new year to buy foreign goods during the Spring Festival approaching, the proportion of orders up to 50%." Lei Tingting said.

in fact, in addition to Uber, cross-border cooperation in the field of travel APP is not uncommon. In October at the end of last year, drops travel and Ali health, medical surgeon launch a key call doctor, along with the car door advisory service, in the event, the public can free consultation, you can also make an appointment to the doctor on-site service, free car can even be sent to the hospital.

addition, as early as last May 5th, Android drops travel online game center, game center "fighter", "girl", "mad hang great determination and courage", "legend", "throwing the ball" to remove Box 25 H5 games. But the game is only half a year after the game to cross the field, drops announced that the game center will stop operations this year.

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