Taobao wireless next war O2O, the number of users and personalization



Taobao mobile phone has reached 40% of Taobao’s PC terminal, while the turnover was only 10%

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

Ma Yun said Ali wireless team’s responsibility is to destroy Taobao. Do not put this sentence is too tragic, it’s just deal with the mobile trend must make a change: "Taobao mobile phone traffic" has reached the end of Taobao PC 40%, while the trading volume was only 10%. There’s too much room to dig. Taobao wireless want to overcome the difficulties in the future include:

1, O2O: even though Ali had to try on the O2O is not successful, has also invested in Tintin in the outside, but Ali could not give up the opportunity to attack the initiative;

2, the number of users has nearly 500 million users: Taobao, trying to use online shopping through acquaintances will reduce the threshold again, so as to realize the number of users, once again break the use of parent account system "cousin plan" is a try;

3, personalized service and fragmentation time: Tmall, Taobao has also begun to strengthen the promotion of its thousands of people face (according to the user’s history of personalized recommendation) program. In addition, iPhone users on average every day to open the phone Taobao 6 times, each time to stay for 3 minutes. Therefore, Taobao wireless department also need to consider how to make these mobile phone users in the fragmented time to click more orders.

through the mobile phone Taobao in the next one or two months to update the function can be seen in these three directions. April and May, mobile phone Taobao will launch two new features, the former lock the user’s time to strengthen the personalized recommendation of fragments, while adding social features trying to change the interaction between buyers and sellers. The latter is the cousin plan, focusing on the development of three or four lines of urban users and young people under the age of 25. And another aimed at the O2O field of life circle function, there is no formal timetable.



10 years ago, is doing things through online retail shopping will erase regional barriers. 10 years later, the phone Taobao hopes to shop again and geographical ties, because there is a vibrant new continent: O2O.

Qiu Changheng, vice president of Taobao

, Taobao wireless general manager, said in today’s Taobao open day held on Taobao, said one of the three directions of the future of wireless O2O. Taobao will enter the field of local life consumption, the internal investment in imported products, but also concerned about external projects. "O2O is more like a fire last year, many people jumped in, no people climb up. But we found that, even if it is the fire, we have to jump."

In fact, Ali O2O in the field of

as early as in 2006 to start the trial, that year, Ali acquired former staff Li Zhi

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