The second half of the nternet to learn how to take over Li Tang Era

at the end of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the sixteen nations and warlords. Sima’s family moved to the south of the earth, and chaos.

is bounded by the year 383 of the battle, "a regime established the" once unified dizu qianqin regime, after the collapse of the former Qin dynasty. Next is the years of war, the North re division, Guanzhong, Kanto, Longyou political chaos, until the Northern Wei Dynasty unified the north, until the end of the competition in the northern and Southern Dynasties, from the merger into the melee.


then, song Qiliang Chen Sui turns debut as one falls, another rises, Wei Qizhou, just like the moment has already formed the unicorn their leading position. The south, although has the song, Qi, Liang, Chen four regime change, Chen Cheng ring beam is narrow, the disadvantages of the territory, population weak weak Dynasty, and the rulers and the extreme corruption, in the hand of the enemy in the north end of bereavement. And the north, the reform has achieved initial success and split again, and believed in the Northern Zhou Qi Eclectics attacked each other to death. However, ultimately by the Northern Zhou Dynasty in Qi Yang Jian to the north and south across the chaos of the 1990s was the end.

history is always surprisingly similar. The chaos and warlords era, like detonated Internet bonuses, new ideas to subvert the traditional industries, which have invested resources Zhonggua regardless of a person of noble aspirations of this era tide now. As if overnight, the Internet world began to clear out the earthquake and horse falling. Hundred regiments, sowing 100 war, shopping O2O, the rampant Unicorn as one falls, another rises. Great princes in the sixteen pull tiger banner style when.

and the winter capital coming away a hot business circle, will also be a lot of business circles have blown market stragglers and disbanded soldiers. However, like "Song Qiliang Chen Weizhou Sui" these regimes like staying in the market are not better than the unicorn. After the 58 merger market, broke the news executives containment, Meida acquisition of glutinous rice had failed, by selling shares Ali, a bit after eating Uber Chinese, questioned by a large number of monopoly, the driver to leave in the An important juncture of life and death has been broke, layoffs, as if the completion of the merger of the unicorn who got a called the "merger syndrome" disease.

history is always surprisingly similar, and often concealed mystery. You will never guess why the Sui Dynasty established by Tang era, but to take over.

Sui Wendi the pacification of the world, built the first three six system of government, and the imperial examinations to establish a reasonable structure of talent empire. Why is the step footsteps, II died of Suiti’s romance aside? Folk to demonize, actually for another reason: after the sixteen nations and the various minority regime’s rise, Shuzu by the ruling class to enter the building. Although the war subsided, but still remain contradictory. The Sui Dynasty aristocratic class break political tradition in the United Shuzu class, but can not get rid of the aristocratic class had to compromise, this is the cover.

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