When people in watercress, know almost, tianya…… What about the community about the gun

in the product manager to think about how to iterate the product features, the most common idea is to constantly improve the main scene of their products and the main scene of the upstream and downstream scenarios. Sometimes, the product manager will do what users are observed in their platform above, this is a very interesting thing, because we will find that when the user base to a certain extent, while products when there is a private letter function, this product will inevitably be used to users about guns.


no place to vent on young people will choose in all places about guns about guns, it is worth noting that, in the unfamiliar street about guns and fame are in decline, the market value fell, now want to privatization, and not retreat is very embarrassing. People will still tirelessly through the watercress, know almost, Tianya and a variety of new products about guns.


on the gun to convenient, unfamiliar street is undoubtedly the most convenient, after all can find nearby people know about thousands of miles, watercress gun more trouble ah.

so the question is, why are there so many people give up the street, far away, not to choose the other about guns as the theme of the community? Is the crux of the problem, when they are about guns, what about what? What they do on the map? This product we have what inspiration



this article may contain a large number of graphic unrelated pictures (wonderful soybean oil), please look at the author of soybean oil, cherish the memory of their youth.

when I was about to shoot, what am I talking about?

on the network community about guns in the end is not the urban legends, I think above all for watercress about guns for screenshots, known almost all involved about gun V tear force are powerful proof, this is not a legend, though it may be a minority, but really exists.

has no gun soil in comparison to the online community, and it’s even more interesting to see why they have this kind of soil, especially the content focused communities.

may wish to assume that the two scenarios, namely, the user through the street and watercress watercress & know about gun.

through the unfamiliar street about guns, meet in before you can see each other a few "as" cheat, do not know what is TA’s hobby, love what to read, what movies, because the contents of the above personal data is too thin and is fake.

don’t know what just began to talk to defuse an awkward atmosphere, even each other with their own have no common language, so an opening to kneel, other uncomfortable myself uncomfortable, if this time both sides hold their own "about gun down the idea, I rely on, simply not imagine this night to be more miserable, let the young ahead of your own experience to what is strange bedfellows.



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