Dark horse.Wang struck 100 best to keep the domain name open grab

360.com sold a billion dollars, WeChat weixin.com 30 million yuan, ym.com million turnover of owners. We can see that the price of more than one million COM domain name more and more, which proves that the domain name trading market is excellent, but also shows that the COM domain name is a good resource is exhausted. Domain name market needs new domain name, to provide more choices for investors and terminals.

the opening of new TLDs will undoubtedly give the domain name market has injected fresh blood and vitality of the large, currently has a lot of investors turned their attention to the new domain name, ready to open up the territory outside the mainstream COM/CN domain, some terminal has its own early shot to protect the brand name. In the.Wang domain name, for example, its current enrollment has exceeded 140 thousand, ranking among the top new domain name registration.


.Wang domain will have to do so? Because.Wang can be understood as "net", and Tencent.com, glutinous rice nets and other domestic websites almost are named after the "XX network", so the domain name is very consistent with the language and memory habits of Chinese people, many investors think is the domain name and terminal on the market a dark horse. Up to now, Alibaba, Baidu and other terminals have enabled the aliyun.wang, taobao.wang and baidu.wang domain names. Among them, aliyun.wang or Alibaba spend a high price to buy. Visible terminal of the ".Wang" domain name.

not only that, before the date, the Ministry also issued "on the specification of the domain name registration service market" special action policy interpretation. The document revealed that the country will increase the use of.WANG to encourage the use of.CN, led by the domestic domain name suffix. With the encouragement and support of the state, ".Wang" domain name in the development of the market will be more smooth.

figure: WANG domain name

In addition to the current

about 140000 ".Wang" domain name has been registered, who kept best domain name, is to allow many terminals and domain name investors unable to hide greeds. The day before, "Chinese joint".WANG "domain name registration bureau, launched the".Wang "need to keep the domain name auction, the 100 best preserved".Wang "domain name, domain name number accounted for 41%, including 8.wang, 99.wang and other digital domain, to know the 99.wang COM domain name 99.com but was Netdragon to enable a gaming platform to build. E.wang, qc.wang (car) and other short letter names accounted for 11%, accounting for 40% of the domain name, and are the best industry Larry, such as baoxian.wang (insurance), gongzuo.wang (work) etc..

in this auction, the 100 best.Wang domain name >

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