Mother and child electricity supplier financing 20 million U.S. dollars will be denied Suning acquis

news yesterday, the sale of rumors of maternal and child class electricity supplier to break the silence of the red children today, the initiative to communicate with the media to introduce their business. According to Liu Ying, vice president of the red child, red child is the fourth round of financing $20 million has been credited into account, the money is mainly from the northern lights, NEA and triumph of venture capital investment.

Liu Ying said, this financing will be used to continue to expand cooperation in red child business channels throughout the country, the ground operation activities, continue to help maternal commodities to the whole category, more imported goods procurement introduction. At the same time, help the cross marketing bean purchase mall goods and better baby goods.

as a shopping mall merchandise have been adjusted in 5,6 months, prominent cosmetics and food, the second half of the quantity of the goods and the introduction of planning its marketing activities will be strengthened, in the mother, the red child is expanding number of brands of milk powder business, is considering the introduction of very good like Australia and Nordic milk milk to the world.

At present,

Jingdong, Dangdang and other electricity supplier website has reached the field of maternal and child not only squeeze red children share, and even threaten the red children living space. By the end of 2011, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing announced that Dangdang maternal category sales have exceeded the red child’s online business.

in this regard, Liu Ying said that online shopping in maternal and child row fourth, the electricity supplier to enter the maternal and infant market is inevitable. Red children in total revenue, the number of users can not be compared with Jingdong, Tmall, but in terms of service depth, viscosity and quality is still in a leading position.

Liu Ying believes that since the six months has been in the construction of maternal and child ecosystem, and progress has been made. She also denied that will be’s acquisition rumors, said the red children will also and other electricity providers website to achieve cooperation, such as and Mcglaughlin, at the operational level has been in contact, but merger is impossible things.

It is reported that

, Suning Appliance deputy chairman Sun Weimin recently remarks triggered concern, Sun Weimin said, has started to contact some vertical electricity supplier brands, may establish Taobao platform model. This caused speculation in the industry. Earlier there was news that investors lost confidence in the red child, announced that it would sell red children, the two sides to discuss mergers and acquisitions.

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