Let some people to carry on the one yuan is a newly emerging electricity supplier or gamblers gather

simply buy one yuan as a suspected gambling lack of relevant basis. One yuan purchase also brings difficulties to the regulation, due to the electricity supplier involved, the public security organs are more cautious, it is difficult for adults filing.


source: Vision China

in September this year, one yuan purchase this gaming mode of electricity supplier after CCTV exposure, the impact continues.

October 8th, NetEase Beijing office gathered a group of activists come, they held the "NetEase one yuan purchase, to avoid the legal professional 20 years" banner, want how many back a portion of the principal to life. There are also "harm my family broke up" fierce ". On the afternoon of October 14th, there were some activists jumping from the excesses, after being discouraged by the police.


activist site


activist site

one yuan purchase, in simple terms, is the site of all goods are split into a dollar. A number can purchase multiple copies, and finally announced the winning number by the system. From the normal logic, the number of one-time purchase of the more, the greater the probability of pumping goods. Once a money is not refundable, the user will have a 1 yuan will be able to grab 7 iPhone, SLR cameras and bars thousands of yuan of goods illusion.


yuan purchase process

these activists were from Henan, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Shenzhen and other places, are NetEase, one yuan purchase players, the amount of the loss from tens of thousands to several million, a total of more than 30 million yuan. In an interview with the news reporter at the interface, many people will be a small temptation to describe this as a drug like, every day to open a cell phone would like to cast a vote".

bet amount from small to large, until slowly reach their bottom line. Recover the principal desire more intense, more difficult to withdraw, ultimately rely on four debt to continue betting. Players will produce a 1 yuan of money to small broad gambler psychology. And those who buy one yuan business platform is just taking advantage of this point.

The reason

activists and not "Yuandufushu" is that they think that the NetEase one yuan purchase using illegal means: including the use of robots, the winners, participation specified no third party supervision, information is not transparent, has the nature of the fraud.

it is worth noting that these problems in September this year, CCTV has been exposed, but the authorities did not order the purchase of a NetEase rectification, or make a punishment. As of press time reporter interface, the site can still be normal landing, bet.


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