According to do, see you do not flow, a little experience

site to do is what? Money! Yes, you want to have the value of your station first let it flow, no matter how bad your station, as long as there is traffic, health

swallow alive can also get some money. The following free talk, see Master feel funny laugh, laugh laugh and swing up to you, don’t get on my back scold my fathers is


I would like to how to save traffic flow, to the site for example, this is a webmaster site

, so the promotion theme is "website".

1, go to the Baidu post bar, find your site related content, such as you do music to find what Zhang crazy ah Zhou Jie

Aaron ah in Post Bar, shouted twice, led a temptation of the title, what Zhang Bai chi before his works, Jay Chou private affair secret,

have to leave a link, link to your site, don’t want to just a few images to deal with what One’s reputation was a byword. Really can not think of the title simply say that the big

secret, anecdote and finally appeared, although there is a little cliffhanger, but who told you don’t want to knead it.

2, or Baidu, to find Baidu space, registered a ID, ID and your site or the best domain name associated with, for example, I registered a profit100

id, your site articles reproduced in each article to point link, link to your website page.

3, Baidu knows. (on playing, I also Baidu ah! No way!), people who call Baidu N ah, now who doesn’t sink in its despotic power, stick it in the light of

climbed up first. Into the, after registration, of course, there is no registration of ID you, first to raise a question, than

as I ask, "why didn’t my website make a profit?" Then use another ID to answer the "jjww ~ ~ ~ the way (omitted

) "to write a little better with very professional ^_^, many questions to answer, promising

~ ~!

4, go to the forum. Small forum will not go, a waste of time, to find a forum for your website content related jar, such as is

web site, I went to find the Admin5, find Chinaz, you are the QQ site to the QQ forum, the military to find the military class, I can do nothing, I do not know what you stand,

you after a good location to start planning on your premeditated, first look at the top of some of the provisions of post, ensure that you do not deviate to ensure that you can

in the long swim. As to how to promote the above

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