Gome online CEO Li Juntao blasted Suning Jingdong not a real price


NetEase science and technology news November 2nd news, today, the United States online CEO, Gome appliance President Li Juntao attended the third China Business Innovation Conference, and made a speech. Li Juntao in his speech on Suning and Jingdong two competitors do the shelling, he said: "in the face of the capital of winter, to follow the trend of running is a dead end, the continued loss of business slogans shouted louder, 11 double dare not really


Li Juntao said, "Internet plus" era, the line has no boundary and the order of the points, consumers will choose a different window with a retail enterprise. On the basis of insight into changes in consumer demand, in 2014 the United States proposed the O2M strategy, that is, the traditional self stores + self e-commerce multi-channel retailers, to the full channel retailers change.

with O2M full channel retailer strategy, the United States to achieve 10 consecutive quarters of growth. From the first quarter of 2013 to the two quarter of 2015, the total profit of more than $3 billion 500 million. Li Juntao stressed that the external blood transfusion is not as good as their own blood, in the face of this year’s capital of the winter, Jingdong, Suning and other loss making enterprises double 11 although the slogan shouted loud, but certainly not really cut prices.

Li Juntao said that the success of the United States after the success of the biosphere is purchasing, logistics, aftermarket, finance, big data five Daquan retail value platform, determines the user’s core experience indicators. He believes that the loss of burn drainage mode of growth is not healthy, depended on financing, increase in commodity prices, suppliers owed money to maintain cash flow, is not responsible for shareholders, consumers and partners. The future of the most valuable retail enterprises must be profitable growth, and for their own, consumers, shareholders, the community to create retail value of all retail enterprises.

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