Twelve reasons and prevention of Taobao shop was closed

has a lot of friends ask me, the shop was closed they received notification letter, feel the shops were somehow sealed, recent efforts to regulate Taobao shops, product is greatly enhanced, so the Tao compiled the following content for each friend reference, if you store following action proposals immediately corrected to avoid being closed

, suffered heavy losses!

one of the reasons for the closure of the credibility of speculation.

avoid method:

1, can not use the same machine (that is, with the same IP address) to buy and sell goods, or even the same unit of the LAN, because although different computers, but it may be the same external IP.

2, can not modify the price, the price difference is too large, such as 100 yuan of goods, to 1 yuan, that price is 1 yuan, will be understood as to disrupt the market, credit speculation suspects, the praise be deleted.

closed shop two reasons: Alipay use rate of less than 50%.

avoid method:

uses the Alipay deal to reach more than 80%, if it is to meet the transaction or otherwise, because there is no shipping documents (i.e. shipping document records), Taobao background records will be considered credit speculation, it is also important that the volume of transactions with the number of transactions is not proportional, is such as selling digital camera store transaction the amount should be recorded in the thousands of dollars, not always tens of dollars, the system will be that Alipay is exchange rate is less than 50%

closed shop three reasons: the problem of false agent, disguised repeat distribution.

a member of supply, the following set B agent, B will be a sale, if there are buyers to buy baby C B, by a direct shipment to C, the transaction model for false agent, such as the nature of the behavior of disguised repeat distribution, seriously disturbed the normal trading website. So some shop shopkeeper does not know which violation was bidiao.

avoid method:

1, baby address and shipping address should be the same, that is, if the agent is the agent for the delivery, we should pay attention to address the problem.

2, to prove the actual goods, if no actual commodity will think there is a lot of distribution website interference normal trading behavior.

Upload Taobao assistant database

3, direct access from the agent in the hands of the treasurer, the best do some adjustments, you are not a general database changes, nature is considered to repeat distribution. Acting is not so easy, shop can not be lazy.

Four reasons for the closure of

: closing the transaction too much.

avoid method:

often cannot close the transaction in the short term, such as a month off dozens, so mistake or trouble encountered a headache, but if you encounter this problem directly with Taobao customer servicedetails, after all, this is not our own original > dispensers

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