The forum should pay attention to the basic ten etiquette

      etiquette 1: remember the presence of others

      Internet people from all corners of the country to give a common place to gather, which is high-tech advantages, but also often makes us forget the face of the computer screens we are dealing with other people, our behavior so that it is easy to become more rough and rude. Therefore, the first one is to remember the existence of others". If you don’t say it in the face, don’t say it on the internet.

      etiquette two: Net surfing behavior consistent

      most people in real life are in compliance with the law, as well as on the internet. The morality and law of the Internet are the same as the real life, so don’t think that trading with the computer can reduce the moral standards.

      three: Romans


      the same site, different forums have different rules. What can be done in a forum may not be appropriate in another forum. The best advice: first climb the wall a moment to speak again, so you can know the jar atmosphere and acceptable behavior.

      courtesy four: respect for other people’s time and band

      take some time to search and study before asking questions. It is quite possible that the same question has been asked many times before. Don’t be self centred. It takes time and resources to find answers.

      etiquette five: give yourself a good impression on the Internet

      because of the anonymity of the network, others can not judge from your appearance, so you have a word to become the only judge of your impression of others. If you are not familiar with a certain aspect, look for a few books to read. In the same way, check your grammar and words carefully before posting, do not deliberately provoke and use bad language.

      courtesy six: share your knowledge

      in addition to answer the question, this also includes when you raised an interesting question and get a lot of answers, especially through e-mail received after you should share it with others.

      etiquette seven: calmly debate

      debate and war is a normal phenomenon. It is necessary to convince people who do not.

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