Shopping guide website neutrality due to commission profit has been questioned


online store and shop promotional discounts emerge in an endless stream and a wide variety of goods for customers dazzling, business competition for tourists and customers demand derived — online shopping shopping guide website of a new industry. Experts predict that with the increase in the number of B2C enterprises, competition among enterprises, can provide comparative information shopping guide website will become more and more popular.

network to do the mainstream mall promotional information

in the online shopping forum, online shopping novice shopping guide website has a special liking. A netizen said, too much on the Taobao goods, it is necessary to a shopping guide website, can easily patronize the crown shop, Amoy to the cheap baby.

reporter found that only a lot of online shop Taobao promotional information and crown shop referrals for shopping guide content site there are more than a dozen, such as Baidu Taobao, shoot Amoy network, bite the cargo network.

a Master online shopping, shopping guide website will generally select the online shopping mall selling merchandise, discount promotions and higher credit businesses, browse shopping network price can buy more cost-effective product.

talked about shopping guide, Ali mother’s Taobao guest business should be the birth of the earlier shopping guide service. At present, the majority of shopping guide website will be the shopping mall of the goods have been sorted out, has been on the goods in the primaries, the customer by comparing promotional information, users can save time and energy to buy. It should be emphasized that the shopping guide network is independent of the online mall outside the third party".

complies with B2C enterprise competition and

Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi introduced, along with the expansion of the scale of online shopping, online shopping guide website involves shopping search, B2C business and C2C business discounts information and shopping rebate three categories.

TGOU is one of the many shopping network shopping search web sites, it not only provides Jingdong, VANCL and websites such as Taobao promotions, customers through the platform to the shopping mall can also enjoy special preferential rebate. The general manager Zhu Bingjun introduced new B2C website and Taobao C2C seller needs to promote, provide living space for shopping guide website, the current number of the website business cooperation of nearly 2000, net goods reached about 7000000.

shopping guide website B2C, C2C business promotional information income goods come in, the customer comparison shopping guide online information process, there are characteristics of B2C enterprises and Taobao crown store will be noticed by customers." Zhu Bingjun said that the current Taobao sellers through shopping guide network to promote greater demand.

can be said that the shopping guide website is part of the online shopping industry chain, is a supplement to the mall. Fang Yingzhi is expected, with the increase in the number of B2C companies, increasing competition among enterprises, can provide a comparison of information shopping guide website will become a trend.

alliance Commission mode neutral is the key

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