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entrepreneurs are often asked a question: how to connect to the capital market, obviously, it is crucial for start-up companies.

but before that, you should first understand the three questions that investors are most concerned about: what are you doing? Why do you want to invest in it? What are the benefits of investing in


of course, do a good job in the design of the ownership structure can not be ignored……

how to introduce capital?

when it comes to financing, the first question to ask is: are you ready, as an entrepreneur, how to attract investors?

Why did

introduce capital?

the purpose of the introduction of many investors, including the three most common reasons:

first, the enterprise funds less than

enterprise funds this problem in many enterprises are there, no need to repeat.

two, looking for strategic partner

looking for strategic partners to achieve complementary business, this situation is quite common. For example, not long ago, as the music M & a cool, is to find users and expand business. Even BAT is often in the entrepreneurial enterprises to find their own business expansion related enterprises to invest, which is the opportunity to start a business.

three, enhance corporate visibility and credibility

this is particularly evident in the field of Internet banking. Recently, the state introduced the relevant norms of the Internet and financial advice, based on this, many Internet financial companies also hope to seek security through the introduction of investors. Of course, they need to introduce strategic investment is mostly state-owned enterprises, listed companies, banking financial institutions.

introduced the process of investment is like falling in love, the two sides should be on the eyes of the successful investment. The enemy, baizhanbudai, as is the investment side, as entrepreneurial enterprises, we should realize that investors are most concerned about what kind of problem.

investors are most concerned about what?

in fact, investors are most concerned about the four dimensions of the problem: the first is the direction, the second is the business model and profit model, the team is the third, the action plan is the fourth.

a, direction

we often say: stand on the air, pigs can fly. And in fact, there is a relationship between the direction and tuyere, which is very concerned about the point of investors.

investment fund itself is a fixed position, they will not invest indiscriminately, nor is it what the industry voted. At this time, investors are most concerned about is what your project belongs to the industry, as well as your positioning.

a few years ago, we can see: the portal is very easy to get investment; then, social networking sites have more fire; then, the electronic commerce sites and stations on the air; evolution to now, B2B companies seem more can cause the attention of the investors.

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