Five questions how to correct some of the spread of cognitive errors

from nineteenth Century, brand theory has been accompanied by the spread of the influence of the media gradually become a household name. And since twentieth Century, the brand and technology, especially with the close combination of communication technology, the brand began to gradually mature. However, the concept of the brand gradually generalization today, but there has been a misunderstanding of the brand itself, this article from the perspective of the brand to correct some misunderstanding.


do business, the word brand, who can not open around. To have high added value, there must be a brand. From the beginning of the birth of an enterprise, how to create a brand on the face of the problem, and when a business bigger, often faced with how to maintain the vitality of the brand and sustainable development. But the word brand, not every enterprise can understand it thoroughly, thoroughly, and there is no right answer.

however, we talk about the brand now, more is talking about those hundred years of international experience and practice of global brand, China domestic brands are regarded as the benchmark is not much, partly because Chinese brand influence in the international arena is not big enough, on the other hand, China enterprises to build brand awareness, ability, theory, methods and tools have many shortcomings, there are many errors.

brand in the end is who?

A phenomenon of

in many enterprises, the boss think brand is their own, so often to the brand with some similar "global leader", "the challenge", "big" and "strong" and "King" as the core demands, with full individualism colors to build brand, and consumer benefits No.

as a brand manager, it seems that these concepts will be used to express their own competitiveness, but in the minds of consumers, it is not necessarily really attractive. So, who is the brand must be thinking about the enterprise. In fact, the brand is always belongs to the consumer, because the brand not only to the pursuit of market share, more important is the pursuit of consumer share of consumer share is on the psychological battle, and not just on the shelves for.

brand in the end how important?

brand brings brand premium, that is, added value. Former Coca-Cola chairman Woodruff had a famous saying: "if I plant the fire destroyed, if encounter the world financial crisis, but as long as the Coca-Cola brand, the second day I will stand up again." When products fall into the homogenization of competition, the core of the consumer’s consumption is the brand value. China has a large number of categories of the market there is no brand, such as tea, such as deep processing of agricultural products, these areas can be a little attention to brand success. Do you think buying egg also need to look at the brand? Look now, DQY gegeda brand in the supermarket sales unpopular, you will find the brand added value of how much.

but at the same time, companies must recognize that the brand is not equivalent to the product, consumer awareness is the truth. Is not a product

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