Find the core point of doubling the amount of marketing

all ready to do sales and sales are making friends, I believe everyone for today’s topic will be very interested? Do sales, easily do sales, easy and efficient to do sales work is a peddler common dream! Today, I combined with his own experience to explore this topic, only for reference and discussion, also hope not feel free.

theme: the core of the transaction. Our sales people, especially those who have just started doing sales, if they deal with the customer, you ask why he deal? "Because they tend to you good luck" answer; even many "old sales", you ask him why customers will buy the product when he and they are not necessarily able to truly understand why customers? Is it really? You recall your first started selling the situation, think of your colleagues is how to deal, in fact most people were are in luck! Is not the answer is? No, the transaction is definitely not rely on luck, turnover is on the way, but many of the sales staff did not think seriously, didn’t understand why the core transactions only, if you think about it, you will find that in fact All transactions are regular, then the law is how to get it? In two aspects, on the one hand from your products, on the other hand from the seller himself.

in the sales process, the customer is always a feeling to buy, they buy is not the price but the value. These two points are the core of the transaction, in order to clinch a deal, we have to create a kind of let the customer "cool" feeling out, another argument is that let customers feel their purchase decision is correct.

we will start from the product level to mining, we analyze the reason of customer transactions may be: the price (the price is cheap? Promotional activities? Gifts? Etc.); quality (durable good reputation brand good???? etc.); service (buying process easy to buy high satisfaction?? customer service delivery? Good? Etc.). Clear the three key points, so we want to research which is the key point to influence customers to buy? For example, we look at the mall, they will use all of the day to engage in activities to buy how much to send, the many fold, how many full sending so much, every time to engage in activities are overcrowded; before there is a restaurant near our house, the service is good enough (ten years ago). If you are casual cases with friends recently said that a little cold, so your waiter will quietly ran to the kitchen after a bowl of ginger, when you see ginger asked the reason, you can imagine the kind of surprise is? For example, many people will buy some housewives the instant noodles in the supermarket promotion spree, why? Because there will send a bowl or a cup only; also, some sales staff will be in holidays to his customers and potential customers to send some gifts for customers to solve some private.

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