The geographical distribution of domestic users in November Guangdong Jiangsu Zhejiang then topped 1

IDC network ( on December 12th reported: according to Baidu data traffic statistics research institute showed that in November, domestic users of geographical distribution, Guangdong occupies obvious advantage, the total of 13.13% Internet users in the country, but is still small compared with last month, down 0.04%. Jiangsu and Zhejiang ranked subsequently, the data are similar, the proportion of Internet users were 7.44%, 7.16%. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements.


(Figure 1) November 2013 domestic Internet users geographical distribution Top10

as shown in Figure 1, in the domestic area map of Internet users, Guangdong advantage is quite large, accounting for about 13.13% of the total number of Internet users. Jiangsu times, accounting for 7.44%, Zhejiang ranked third, accounting for 7.16%. Shandong 6.84%, Henan, China, 5.13%. The remaining provinces and cities, the proportion of Internet users are less than 5%.


(Figure 2) in November and in October the proportion of domestic users of the geographical distribution of provinces and cities compared to figure

as shown in Figure 2, in November, the distribution of more Internet users in China’s twelve provinces and cities in the region, the number of Internet users has increased in most areas, the largest increase in the number of Zhejiang, the number of Internet users last month rose 0.21%. Followed by Sichuan, the chain rose 0.17%; Beijing and Hebei rose by 0.12%; Shandong rose by 0.08%, Henan rose by 0.04%, Hunan rose by 0.01%.

and the remaining five provinces and cities in the number of Internet users showed a trend of reduction. Among them, the largest decline in Shanghai, fell 0.37%, decline in Jiangsu can not be underestimated, fell 0.21%, Hubei fell 0.05%, Guangdong fell 0.04%, Fujian fell 0.01%.

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