Buy the site of the future of the community is difficult to profit a few key reasons

recently to the business review wrote an article on the group to buy, share.

as the main business, mobile phone terminal, instant response marketing, is to provide an efficient information display or search, find more independent, flexible, cheap way of marketing, and through the mobile terminal to provide the best user experience, is a social group purchase trend, is the only way out.

to buy more things with less money is everyone’s inner desire.

group purchase can really very cheap? Group purchase sites are is to say: the core value of group purchase is to create a new service market, to match the supply and demand of social surplus, so as to improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Venture capital is also so believe that, from the beginning of 2009, the money invested in the site to buy, add up to billions of dollars.

all participants believe that as long as the first lap of this market, sooner or later, which will be the next president of Taobao. There’s only one problem, When. Think of a piece: the wife asked her husband: "you do business profits?" the husband replied: "we are the electricity supplier." His wife did not understand: "you can make it?" her husband repeated: "we are electricity supplier." His wife insisted: "when do you make money?" the husband is a bit impatient: "not to say well, we are electricity supplier." Do group purchase husband who can confidently add: "electricity providers are not profitable, group purchase

what’s the hurry?"

theory, buy better use of idle resources, should be able to make money. With a good business Japanese cuisine as an example, 6:00 in the evening when the 10 tables in the empty half, if can have 5 tables in the restaurant to pay the cost of food is just the cost of only 20 yuan, and a plate of sushi, even the cost of material less than 5 yuan, so long as to more than 5 yuan price to sell the sushi, is profitable for the restaurant. This is the basis for the existence of group buying.

unsustainable marketing approach

why today’s group buying sites can not make money? In addition to excessive competition, there are several key reasons:

first, the high cost of information acquisition

today, in this era of Web2.0, when all the people are respected with user generated content (UGC User, Generated Content) when the group purchase still operates his own business with a web 1 way: with an army of thousands of people, the streets, the negotiations, from door to door to sign the contract, take photos, money. Of course, in an immature market, this is an inevitable way. The biggest advantage of this approach is to be able to get high quality information quickly, and can control the quality, the disadvantage is only one word: expensive! Groupon in order to cover this cost, the typical policy adopted by businesses is 100>

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