Differences help your site navigation station in thousands of Web site navigation stand out

since the 123256 of these well-known domestic site navigation stations have to Baidu and Google to astronomical acquisition, the country set off a boom in the establishment of the site navigation station, trying to replicate the success of a good model of 123. But it is often difficult to replicate the success of the successor. Because the success of 123 is a good grasp of the Internet users of lazy psychology, was a great success. If the new navigation station from these successful site navigation to change their user habits, and grab a group of users, it is estimated to be more difficult!

because of the large and small site navigation site, the content provided by the same rate of up to 90% of the above is to provide some of the big portal or the industry’s high visibility of the site. In other words, whether it has been a good 123, or other new out of the navigation station, the web site service provided by it is roughly the same, the difference is very small. In order to give users a good 123 and other well-known Web site navigation, and the choice of your site, this difficulty is relatively large.

if you want to create a new site navigation station or is established without the famous site navigation station, I thought to be successful to take the difference and novelty of the line, and most of the site navigation station does not walk the same route. Even if you are established with the mainstream daohangzhan, should also start a new page to get you the difference, to achieve your daohangzhan brand position, expand the influence of Internet users, Internet users beer is good, then your website is not far from success.

Internet site navigation station most of the innumerable, but still stay in so hundreds of well-known websites. So the characteristics of the site navigation station should play the role of the site navigation, his sight extended to the broader Internet world, and should not only provide the leading websites of various industries, and should be based on the industry characteristics of the site two or three lines, including some novel characteristics, but not how a famous website for your users. For many new users or ordinary users, in fact, is already tired of watching so few sites, want to find some interesting sites but have their limited capacity to enjoy. When you put this one well, nature also keep the user, because some of them want to see and that no elsewhere in your navigation station.

if the difference is done, it is bound to stand out in numerous web site navigation station, the site navigation station to become an excellent site content provider.

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