Talk a good community is how to run it


this article will focus on the group (community) management and development, talk about some of the experience and summary.

wet: those things


One: what is (Society) group


community has "people with type, say, the more Birds of a feather flock together." "more than three animals together and collective".


community, in short, is a collection of groups of people who have obvious and common social attributes (common interests, common idols or common home, etc.).

famous anthropologist, University of Oxford, Robin · (Robin Dunbar) professor put forward the "150 law", that is known as "the number of Dunbar"". According to Dunbar ape intelligence and social networks inferred: the number of human intelligence will allow humans to have stable social network is 148 people, four to five homes in about 150 people. The number of accurate exchanges and in-depth follow-up of about 20 people. The law, which is decided by the people’s ability to cope with the neocortex.

say, many communities now (especially IM based products) hundreds of millions of people, will not cause information overload? Yes, I have been compared, the amount of private information in small every day a twenty or thirty person of not much less than a large group of two or three people, at least above the level not too bad. The former can easily each of hundreds, the latter at the most part.

down again, the average amount of information is very close. Refer to the following figure


can be seen from the above qualitative analysis curve, the relationship between social activity and Dunbar number. Too much people and information, inefficient communication, information costs for their own needs will become increasingly high.

is that the community must be small as well?

No, is certainly more strong to do awesome (don’t think).

above information overload is reflected in the presence of IM as the basis for the community, all kinds of WeChat group, QQ group, micro-blog group, etc.. Synchronous interactive convenient and efficient, side effects are too direct, the user does not evade the information.

for asynchronous interactive BBS, forums and other forms of community, there is not much trouble in this regard. But asynchronous interaction is too slow to adversely affect the daily communication of members of the community. A group of a forum seems to be, but cumbersome operation, increasing the cost of users.

in different communities now, are generally in IM group as the foundation, and be with an asynchronous interactive plug-in, shunt and expansion functions to meet the information demand, or the product is still IM, but there are more integrated functions based on group IM, help users shunt and >

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