Do a few tips for success

one, list type

Many friends in the

forum, hope that involves many aspects, such as creative stand friends, hope to do creative sales, also do creative industry, is divided into network originality, also divided into dating sites and other sections, such as the local station friend, make friends, pictures, cartoons, car.. Cosmetology。。 And so on, the results can not develop anything.


as our forum for the novice, it has not developed to a certain degree of webmaster, just started to take to the forum, forum type list, and we are now the forum form almost, one can let others see the post list directly to lure them to stay with post title, operating more simple, more convenient to browse, forum for the development of more rapid, the site itself does not have dozens of posts, but also divided into several sections, and certainly no one love, take the list to the forum, like this not only can let people see the first time on the website to update all posts, can also facilitate your reading.

this is a web site form, total station forum, the last station, the year before the station, the daqiannian station, I have taken this form this year all of the forum, simple but not simple.

forum is not the function of the more the better, not the more complex the better, with the most simple form of the network to represent the most complex content, is the highest level of the network.

two, team

There are two types of people on the

website, one is the new, just broke in, one is like this forum posts.

in accordance with the points to the webmaster, it is divided into the likes of the webmaster, do not like the person, the new three categories.

is a website operation, not only to the operation of wealth, but it is more important to the operation of popularity, you look at your own station is not popular, not to see the numbers on the counter, but to ask yourself, how many people have you as a friend, but not as many people to you friends, when you are in trouble, how many people you take charge as chief of friend.

I do management station for nearly 2 years, he did not what other big harvest, knowledge, money does have some improvement and harvest, but I think that has changed is the biggest harvest their own circle of friends.

05 years in May 20th, birthday, we will together the 4 birthday, one is my sister, one of my friends, I was a leader, my sister bought me a razor, old friend invited a friend to buy a cake.

06 years in May 20th, 19 evening about 11:50, a friend called me, said the website was hacked, a station, station is 0 point 0 distribution station post, friends are not sleeping, organized for my birthday, when the station opened.

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