Discussion on the profit model of entertainment station

      first description: This article describes the entertainment station non star fans station. But specifically for the integration of entertainment news, pictures, novels, jokes, flash games, videos and other types of websites.

      entertainment station owners have an experience, it is easy to go up their own traffic, and profit model is very difficult. Monthly advertising is not keen, click on the ads are worthless. In order to reduce spending, you will simply enjoy all the pictures and videos of the whole station to do the security chain processing. The message seems to have already not too popular, send pictures also control very dead, click on the category of advertising revenue chilling, for the daily update task personnel, wage pressures, broadband server requirements increase, the contents of the audit pressure, let the leadership a headache.

      however, survival is a must. To ensure the normal development of the current policy, many entertainment stations began a variety of assault. Here are the various types of

I have seen

      1, the transformation into a star polymerization of fangs, do online and offline interaction, such as touch net.

      2, the concept of playing with the Alexa curve for venture capital. Such qihoo

      3, crazy advertising: pop, video alliance temptation code, the first video ad DIN, an ancient brain on the whole.

      4, sell. As to

      5, wandering. Many such stations, such as hi you

      I want to analysis is: because the spectators watch entertainment station basically belong to young people, in addition to the novel flash mm more small joke to see, the other basically is a man of the world. Entertainment resources how to play, how to operate the IP entertainment station will be better?

      development of the game, and use client entertainment station spectators the characteristics of the young, is inevitable.

      Kangshifu, Huiyuan, mobile phone advertising love on campus, because they saw the students in this group.

      auto companies prefer to put ads on the high income crowd. Care, because profits everywhere.

      you must be a lot of entertainment sites in the fight or struggle, how do you think the profit model of the entertainment station, the direction of the better?

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