No luxury investment, luxury electricity supplier how to continue to tell the story

2013, the overall environmental impact, whether online or offline, luxury sales growth rate began to slow down. This point in time, is no longer about the establishment of the luxury electricity supplier companies in 2010 about the glorious moment. Today for them, back to the origin of the luxury goods business is worth more to think about the future, whether it is to remove the luxury label, try O2O and more prudent use of funds or the cultivation target customers are careful but try to do it.

February 18th, the main supplier of luxury goods and fashion products online treasure website online sales of a Audi car channel, in order to Audi China officially authorized the sale of Audi cars in the form of discount.

in about a week’s time, they sold a total of two cars, but the number of sales is not the treasures of the network vice president Zhou Kai are most concerned about, then this website also plans to increase the category of outdoor products and high-end Home Furnishing. "Consumers are Chinese providers to accept and try to buy more expensive products, and it is really a group of consumers of luxury goods has been in line with the luxury consumption level, and our difficulty is how to find these people." Zhou Shengkai said. The expansion category is also an attempt to obtain and retain users.

in Zhou Shengkai seems that those in between 2008 to 2011 have emerged in the luxury electricity supplier did not find a right time. And more importantly, they use the traditional business pursuit of the rapid expansion of the scale of thinking, and cautious and slow consumer brands did not come together.

luxury electricity supplier ups and downs

treasure net was founded in 2011 is probably the last luxury electricity supplier good time". From the beginning of 2008, intime network, serves network, Fifth Avenue, share and network, Luxuries net, poly still, excellent public network and a series of similar name, flagship luxury or high-end boutique online shopping online shopping business website in succession on the line, Netease Luxuries, Sina, 360TOP and other luxury Channel Jingdong comprehensive portal or electricity supplier also opened a luxury channel.

in addition to entrepreneurs have entered this field, the concept of luxury electricity supplier was also attracted a lot of money from venture capital. According to the Statistics Branch of the research center, from 2010 to 2011 of two years, China equity market has been disclosed and jewelry, ornaments, clothing and other luxury package related e-commerce website investment events happened in a total of 23 pen, 21 pen total investment disclosure of the amount of $529 million.

but the situation at the end of 2011, a sudden turn for the worse. Many websites began selling fake received complaints, luxury brands have vowed to prosecute some of the non formal purchase website, the Huha network, Netease Luxuries, serves network, Luxuries network reported, leaving the founder close, massive layoffs and other news. Throughout 2012, the total number of domestic luxury electricity supplier financing cases fell significantly.


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