Ten years of domain name investment domain name Rhapsody on.COM

as the saying goes, where there was resentment, there was the political arena, is produced by a variety of social system ideology. There are people on the Internet? There are a lot of them, according to the above rules, the Internet will also form their own social system. From the birth and development of the Internet, the Internet can also be divided into different stages.

primitive society

this is the beginning of the birth of the Internet, when the material and technological conditions are quite backward. The computer is just as big as the house, and all the electronic tubes are constantly flashing, and the consumers consume a large amount of electric energy to complete the relatively low level work. Each machine exchange data rely on numerous playing in a small note on the point. This period as Yayaxueyu, rely on gestures mutual exchanges and understanding of the primitive society, slash-and-burn cultivation, living a simple and single life.

slave society

at this time to the United States Internet Education and national defense needs of the ARPANET prototype based on the birth of. With the extension of the network across the city and across the continent, borders, because of the different ideologies, the Internet can only say that in some areas the Internet, not the whole exchange. Simple Email, Ftp, newsgroups, telnet is the main content of the Internet at that time. It can be said that at that time the Internet is very scarce, so the Internet and the use of the Internet are slaves of the internet. From dawn to dusk, the establishment of the labor standards and specifications, content and service system, to realize the interconnection and interoperability of the Internet from scratch.

feudal society (centralized)

this is the formation of Internet social system, the specific performance began to dominate and master a lot of Internet resources in the Internet giant, and use its available resources to draw, differentiation, against a variety of interest groups. All kinds of standards and technologies become the basis for the establishment of the Internet operation standards and systems, and at the same time, they also affect the formation of many Internet users’ Outlook on life and world outlook. On the basis of follow fixed values and ideology, the formation of resource centralized centralized feudal society, the main features of this stage is "dictatorship". There are also differences in the way of dictatorship, mainly in the following three.

protocol dictatorship

TCP/IP based IPv4 address architecture based on Internet hardware data link layer

. Master and allocate IP address resources, centralized management of IP address library.

technical dictatorship

to three international top-level domain (.Com for general business purposes,.Net is free to use org as a service; companies, organizations and groups) based system, the domain name root server monopoly, is responsible for the analysis of the domain name, IP.

applied dictatorship

is based on a variety of Internet application technologies, patents,

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