Robin Li clean the doors open internal speech fight every battle, battle and battle

chicken at the beginning of the year, Baidu Robin Li helm made an article entitled "new age" internal speech, mainly from the four aspects of content distribution, connection services, financial innovation and artificial intelligence, highlighted a new battle in 2017 to meet the.

in the warlords dispute of the Internet era, Baidu executives are recent moves frequently. The beginning of the new year, Baidu ushered in the Microsoft midfielder Lu Qi to join; a few days later Robin Li’s wife Ma Dongmin with a "sense of crisis" and "sense of mission" to return to Baidu; just yesterday also announced before Lenovo star partner Liu Wei as vice president officially joined Baidu, Baidu Vc firm (Baidu Ventures) CEO BV, responsible for the work these new changes, convey profound self determination and change direction of Baidu.

is the following Robin Li new year internal letter:

"to meet the new era – content distribution, connection services, financial innovation, artificial intelligence"

First of all,

is a new era of content distribution.

Baidu in essence, the core thing is still doing content distribution.

what should we distribute? In the early days, the content of the Internet was written in the form of text. With the bandwidth environment is getting better and better, more and more people’s creativity, began to have a picture. Today, it is not only a map, a new picture of the related form called atlas is also very popular, very suitable for Internet content form.

in addition to pictures, as well as video. Today’s video, I think there is a big difference with the past. The first is the rise of short video, it applies to the scene and reach the crowd are very different. We are at the center of content distribution in Baidu, and we have to be able to perceive the changes in the content distribution environment earlier than others.

encyclopedia is a very strict thing, but it is very early to do the second to understand the video, but also on the front of the entry, so they are sensitive to the distribution of the content of the environment is high enough. So this is a way of thinking that we have to keep in mind when it comes to a new era. Be sensitive to new things and what will affect you.

the whole world has been changing, from the PC Internet to the mobile Internet, mobile Internet up a lot of super app, more and more content is encapsulated in WeChat, micro-blog these. How to use the Baidu platform for content back, let the user can easily obtain complete, we make people the most convenient and equal access to information found on the mission? This is in the new era we need to seriously consider carefully prepared and strive for something.

this past year, I have a very deep feeling, is the social media from the media and the environment, many people are more emotional, more want to spread the things they like to believe, the truth is what is not important. It’s a challenge for us as a search engine company

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