Scientists social networking site ResearchGate announced the completion of the B round of financing

February 27th, the German scientists social networking site ResearchGate (Research gate) currently announced the completion of the B round of financing. Lead the financing is Founders Fund shareholders, Paypal co founded Luke Nosek. In addition, Benchmark Capital, Accel Partners, Michael Birch (Bebo co-founder), and David O. Sacks (Yammer founder / CEO) also participated in the financing. Founders Fund has set up its largest fund, the fourth fund, which is mainly used to invest in innovative technologies and companies, especially in the fields of medicine and biotechnology.

We are very pleased to have the support of the famous investors such as Luke Nosek and other members of the Founders Fund

. Founders Fund is on Facebook (Facebook) early investors and Palantir Technologies, which indicates that they are investment perspective, they also see ResearchGate is a step by step to achieve its vision, "ResearchGate co-founder and CEO Ijad Madisch said:" this time the financing funds will be used mainly for innovation. We want to change the long-term evaluation of scientific research and the establishment of a way to provide qualitative feedback to our users, while allowing them to quickly share their research findings."

Luke Nosek is a co-founder and shareholder of Founders Fund, will also become a member of the board of ResearchGate. He said: "ResearchGate has achieved remarkable achievements since its founding. We are fully convinced that the social networking site has the ability to break the rules, change the way scientific discoveries and research results are promoted. "

September 2010 ResearchGate completed the A round of financing led by Benchmark Capital. With these funds ResearchGate expanded the core team in Berlin headquarters. Benchmark Capital, general partner of ResearchGate LinkedIn, a member of the board of directors and former Facebook executive Matt Cohler said: "we see the ResearchGate displayed in a new market on the strength and leadership, ResearchGate strong management team to promote the social networking site is constantly growing, efforts to change the way people access to scientific research. "

ResearchGate is a social networking site for scientists and scholars, by Dr. Ijad Madisch, Sö Ren Hof>

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