The website operation promotion in the essay contest prize gets million yuan

"site easy, operation promotion difficult!" entrepreneurial grassroots webmaster, on the road to success, go through countless times, fought from the lessons of failure. Learn more successful experience, less detours, looking for a suitable business model, which is the common aspiration of hundreds of thousands of grassroots webmaster.

May 26th, the first "website operation promotion essay contest started, the event by phpwind and the owners of the house, Admin5, DoNews,, network owners, grassroots network music providers worry free, Internet that something, Qi Sheng, grassroots network, a push, yoyo net more than and 10 sites combined initiate.

essay contest purpose is to promote the sharing and exchange of experience between the webmaster, with more than and 10 sponsors of the activities of the site owners are rooted in the field, is committed to providing high-quality information content for the owners. During the event, these websites will recommend a number of outstanding website articles, encourage webmasters learning experience through reading, provides rich spiritual food for the owners.

contest also set up a total of more than 20 thousand yuan in cash incentives, encourage the authors to share their valuable experience, since May 26th, the contestants in the phpwind official forum "essay contest activity edition" submitted in writing, essay activities will be published in July 20th, this activity has nearly 50 winning places, will get the first prize 2 thousand yuan prize. Outstanding works of essay activities will also print a free gift, each winner. Participants have the opportunity to get to a machine press "play make your website – website operation necessary manual" operation such as books, and contest judges, well-known website operation expert Zhou Ning, Chen Guangfeng, Ma Guoliang and other exchanges.

participate in the essay contest, the harvest is not only the text and reward. Adhering to an open mind, active learning, sharing, communication, we can run faster, run farther!

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