into the first group purchase group and COFCO’s buy network cooperation today released its products "drive group purchase group".

news March 16th, local life information portal website released its products "drive group purchase group". Catch the first line group in the Beijing area open group, and will be COFCO’s I bought net as the first group of partners, launched a 2 yuan 10 yuan limited group purchase "I buy card" activities.

previously, catch the group has made contact with hundreds of domestic business cooperation projects, including the initial negotiations, I bought the food network, intime network, Eslite and other B2C sites and the Jiahe theater and other businesses. Group purchase content from food to clothing, from delicacy to fashion, from the maternal and infant supplies necessary to Home Furnishing. CEO Yang Haoyong said: "we do not blindly follow the trend in the early group purchase market, but now the dual needs of customers and users to Group officially launched the product line."

previously, Ganji has launched boutique group purchase navigation platform, the platform in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other national center city mainstream portal page are set based on the local "group purchase navigation" entrance.

it is worth noting that the early morning of March 16th, Gaopeng ( officially opened on the first day of the line, the two products are in Beijing and Shanghai, positioning in the high-end. (grand)

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