2007 Adsense rely on money By selling station!

      2007 for the majority of owners is undoubtedly dark, but I think the dark and can not cover up the Chinese head of the search for the determination of the light. Every gathering of the webmaster can always see the station standing figure, for their efforts, hard work. Adsense Trading Forum, I recently more attention, the reason is that more and more webmaster here to find a new way out.

      2007 does not sell advertising, direct selling station! Maybe this is a lot of truth, IP rose and rose, income has dropped again, distressed people straight up! No doubt in the minds of the first idea is: to sell the station! So the success of the Admin5 Trading Forum, although the sale of the station is far more than to buy the station, I always think that this is the webmaster of wishful thinking, but from the graph king learned, I absolutely did not want to do, the transaction amount is still very large, before the graph king a person doing intermediary transactions, now increases one reason is of course feel graph king can’t come, that means the transaction is still a lot of people.

      Amin5 from the Trading Forum of the "intermediary business hall" we can see that all seven pages of the transaction is completed or are trading post, it’s enough to reflect the webmaster trading hot, I understand Admin5 Trading Forum officially began intermediary and soon, many owners do not understand webmaster Trading Forum can provide intermediary transactions, believe that if more owners understand, then I believe that the transaction unpopular than you my imagination!

      investigation of some long-term trading members of the forum inside, I asked him why there are so many websites to sell, the answer is: "in 2007, although the union is not good to do, but a lot of traffic, as individual owners will only rely on the alliance to earn money, since you have no alliance to do, then only sell their website!" When I asked whether; intended to be diverted, the answer was: "don’t make me be startled at diverted, continue to do a website, the website does not do alliance, sell the site to a certain extent".

      after that, I make further understanding of graph king, didn’t understand why, after a lot of people development in the past few years has accumulated a lot of skills and experience, the flow is not difficult, a website is very easy to start and rapidly expand, so the sale site is also earned. Figure Wang also talked about an interesting thing, a domain name to sell their own price of 300 yuan, did not think that after the fact that someone was looking for their own intermediary to buy the domain name for two days after 3000! Figure Wang also revealed that the current owners of the month of the transaction intermediary transactions in the amount of about 2 million, many of which are private transactions, the two sides do not want to be announced in the forum!


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