ncreasing user stickiness is to enhance the user experience entrance

user stickiness and loyalty is critical to the operation of a web site. For a web site, especially the local industries and portals, e-commerce sites, forums and not just rely on the flow of money website, user stickiness is the website survival things for them. The more loyal users you have on the site, the more easily you can sell the products you sell, the higher the rate of return to the site, the higher the user conversion rate. The user can reduce the promotion cost reduce sticky promotion pressure, stationmaster net triumphantly think it is more important to the user stickiness and user experience are closely related. The user experience to do good, indicating the site user stickiness strong, only to enhance the user viscosity, can promote the user experience comprehensive upgrade, so that to improve the user experience, priority must be given to the user stickiness, the planning of the site to carry out the optimization from the user stickiness.

understand the importance of user stickiness, not only to enhance the user’s stickiness, but also to understand the user stickiness is not how much you get, but whether you can maintain long-term, increasing user stickiness. If the site’s user stickiness slightly improved, they began to relax. Perhaps you will not be aware of the user stickiness and even the entire user experience in the construction, resulting in decreased viscosity, the user experience worse. Only continue to improve, continue to find the problems of the site, the user stickiness for a long time to maintain at a higher level, the user experience can continue to improve, retain old customers, attract new users.

continue to enhance user stickiness need to pay attention to the following issues, focus on the construction of the site, and always pay attention to improve.

should pay attention to the effectiveness of user stickiness

The validity of

mentioned here refers to some useless users there are websites of loyal users, not all users are loyal to the website useful, when you see the old user website is increasing, return rate is increasing at the same time, to understand that these old users not all users are useful to you some, probably because of some useless content sites to stay. Invalid user proportion directly reveals the existing problems where your site, such as the promotion method is not ineffective, the contents of the old site updates, website content and website theme correlation, service user satisfaction is low, too little is known about the user and so on. Each user on your site has a different purpose and experience, only in-depth understanding of these users, timely to do some targeted improvement, the effectiveness of user stickiness will improve.

can not be satisfied with the status quo.

some Adsense website for some time, the user base has accumulated a lot of old users, forming a certain quantity scale began to think site stickiness pleased with oneself, it is high enough, do not need to do too much work. When you begin to be satisfied with the status quo, it is when you start to ignore the user, although the user loyalty is high, there will be a certain degree of tolerance for the site user experience, content quality and other aspects of the decline, but also

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