Li Xianghua how to improve the stickiness of forum users

      interconnect Liu Weijun:

      Hello, according to the plan, today we invited Lee to ideal securities online founder together with everyone on the forum user stickiness. Workshop: guest speaker 20-30 minutes, no time limit collective discussion.

      Li Xianghua is characterized by "clumsy words" do not speak theory, content is keenly aware of, we welcome the exchange.
      ideal securities online Li Xianghua:

      Hello everyone! Just close, today more depressed, ha ha!

      I would like to introduce a little bit of experience I do it, and we exchange, to do a forum for friends, may be a little help.
      several aspects,

      first interface:

      forum interface must be friendly, open forum interface, so that visitors can browse. Visitors to your web site, there are many inadvertently through search engines or link up, if your website content needs to register to see, so he probably will leave off, the members of IP may be lost forever.

      on the contrary, if your site friendly interface, rich in content, after you read, feel good, it is likely to join the collection, the future is your loyal members.
      second: Forum for easy communication

      my forum from the 04 years since it set up a Chinese only registered user name, the purpose of doing so is mainly in the future between the members of the communication is convenient, although when registering some trouble, but for future benefits. But this also with the forum customers relationship, my forum customer base is mainly investors, older age, low education, so many English name, very difficult for them to remember, after the communication is not easy.

      feel shy, today the stock market crash, the forum messed up, I let the moderators clean up the post, then said, ha ha.

      also said that the benefits of Chinese registration, Chinese names are also more in line with the Chinese people’s communication habits, and even a lot of members in the network, also known as the forum nickname, what