Do not have to wait for the announcement was announced C round of 500 million yuan financing Baidu l


technology news news October 28th, intelligent management system "delicious meals without" today announced the acquisition of 500 million yuan C round of financing, by public comment, Baidu led, CITIC Capital, ZTE, Hareon, ancth and other capital institutions with investment, Jingwei, sky map for additional investment.

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, "not delicious" is a consumer oriented and business intelligent table management system, to provide online booking, queuing, ordering and other functional modules, the obtained drainage public comment, Baidu and Gao De, Alipay, 200+ City covering 30000 restaurants (including 10000 restaurant reservations, monthly) take the number of nearly ten million.

delicious founder and CEO Xie said the new law, accounting for 10% of the takeaway market has been hungry, the United States mission, Baidu takeaway, food and so on, the remaining 90% will be the church food market. In the future, delicious will continue to market development, 500 million of the funds will be used in the field of financing to expand the market share of the queue, and expand the booking business. (Tong Gao)

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